Saugerties Police link stolen debit card to “Felony Lane Gang”

Abby Brewer

On August 6, 2019 Saugerties Police responded to the Ulster Savings Bank in Twin Maples Plaza for a reported larceny. At the time of the investigation, detectives established that an unidentified female obtained $2,800 cash using a stolen NYS Driver’s License and Ulster Savings Bank debit card. The license and debit card been reported stolen by the owner on August 2 in Lagrangeville.

Police yesterday arrested 26-year-old Abby C. Brewer of Mechanicville NY, and charged her with fourth-degree grand larceny, second-degree forgery, and fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

Police say Brewer is a member of the group called the Felony Lane Gang, a group of criminals who are responsible for stealing purses from parked vehicles, usually forcible entry (smash and grab) and then use the stolen IDs, bank cards and bank checks to access the victim’s bank accounts and remove money without the owner’s knowledge.


According to police, the Felony Lane Gang has been very active throughout New York State this past year. Gangs of this type prey on individuals who leave their personnel property, pocketbooks and wallets in their vehicles, usually in plain sight.

Police are reminding the public not to leave personal valuables and personal items such as wallets and pocketbook in unattended vehicles.

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  1. Rodger

    These criminals are known as “Roaming Gangs” must be caught, and sent to state prison for rehabilitation. Many of them travel in groups and split up during their crimes.

    Once caught and convicted we hope the criminal courts will extend maximum state prison sentence to these “Roaming Gangs”

    These offenders must be criminally charged as gang related crime to add more charges. These “roaming gangs” remain a serious threat to public safety and must be exterminated from our community.

  2. R. Shultzman

    We agree its gotten bad everywhere now,,at our winter home in Delray FL we had such roaming gangs taking mail from our community. They would work together in an organized fashion with lookouts and police scanners. Many gangs in kingston are coming from NYC and Newburgh.

    Roaming gangs are a new threat and they should be charged as terrorist. Any gang group is really a terrorist group if committing violent crimes and theft, robbery, ect.

    Many should get a stiff punishment and long jail time. sSadly Kingston is not safe anymore as when i grew up, very tragic. As a child Kingston was a beauftil clean safe city and nice place to live. Newburgh was rated best city in USA when i worked at ibm, very sad.

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