Saugerties public access channel asks for more funding

Tamara Schuppin (photo by David Gordon)

The job of Saugerties public access television station coordinator Anastasia Redman has become more complex. From a few volunteers and limited programming 18 years ago, the station now provides Internet streaming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to Tamara Schuppin, a member of the station’s volunteer board.

Redman has been a leader in the station’s development. Starting with a handful of volunteers and donated out-of-date equipment, the station has added streaming. Internet access to shows is available at any time, and access can be from anywhere in the world, Schuppin said.

Redman, the only paid staff member, is a part-time employee. In order to maintain her activities as a coordinator, train new volunteers and keep the station running, she is doing a full-time job and deserves to be paid accordingly, Schuppin argued. “The station’s web site states that ‘TV 23 is a vehicle for community communication, education and artistic expression and other non-commercial video on an open, uncensored and noncommercial basis,’” she said.


Redman does work far more hours than she is paid for. The volunteer board is asking the town and village boards, which joinly oversee the station, to increase the manager’s job to full-time, Schuppin said.

Among the coordinator’s jobs is training volunteers. Redman cannot train the number of people who want to be involved in production. Schuppin herself is interested in training, but the training is not available. A salary increase would free Redman to spend more time training new volunteers while managing the day to day affairs of the station, she said.

Because cable television can operate during power outages, Channel 23 was able to provide information through text scrolling while radio was knocked off the air, Schuppin said. However, because of the station’s limited manpower, a police program featuring Saugerties’ most wanted had to be dropped. “According to chief Sinagra [police chief Joseph Sinagra], this show resulted in the capture of 70 percent of the outlaws featured on it,” added Schuppin.

Schuppin has not yet approached the town government with the proposal. She was scheduled to do so this Wednesday at the meeting of the town board.

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  1. Lou Naccarato

    May I suggest that Spectrum gets squeezed for the funding since they make so much from us as the monopoly cable.

  2. Bob Swingle

    I enjoy this Saugerties Lighthouse channel 23, it remains a vital part of the Saugerties community, and should stay completely and correctly funded, as too not lose this gem, or valued staff. I do try to watch it, and have for decades, checking out photos of, and listening too the music that I grew up with in Saugerties, it gets me waxing all nostalgic like. Unfortunately, now, being a disabled senior on a fixed limited income, I had to get rid of the thieving spectrum cable carpetbaggers, because I could not afford their extremely exorbitantly high fees any longer, (I now have Hulu, get almost every channel that I normally watch, except Lighthouse 23. I added magic jack, and cut my TV, phone, and internet by sixty percent. In fact the biggest part of my bill now, still is spectrum, over half for their monopoly internet. Why, is this allowed? Should not this vial company be reigned in? Where is competition over our publicly funded cable lines? Why is Central Hudson’s electric bill and service half the cost of spectrum, for something far more important and valuable then spectrum services, with a bigger fleet of service vehicles, with larger, higher trained crews. So, why is spectrum allowed too charge such high fees, for so little?), so I can not go down memory lane, looking at photographs from those I grew up with in this great town during the Sixties and Seventies, listening too the music of those times, all the while being informed of local events anymore. A great job to all those who work so hard, bringing us this wonderful service, kudos. Now, if only their was some kind of regulation in NY, that actually protected us from predatory, greedy, despicable, thieving monopolies like this scummy lowlife spectrum, ripping off the public, if only there was…

  3. Stanley Hess

    Couldn’t we just save a ton of money and do away with the channel and post these “important announcements” to the Town’s website? What would be the downside?

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