Saugerties gets a new psychic

Miss Jade in front of Clairvoyant Psychic. (Photo by Christina Coulter)

Who would have predicted that a psychic would set up shop in the village of Saugerties? Boasting a 99 percent rate of accuracy in its window, the storefront is catching with bold flowers surrounding a serene, long-earlobed bronze Buddha, backed by cascading curtains and beads. Keeping the Buddha company are the likenesses of angels, a smaller Buddha iteration, Lord of the Rings-themed tarot cards and the phrase “Reuniting Lovers Readings.”

The shop popped up suddenly; its proprietress, who goes by the name Miss Jade, said she left her last practice in Houston simply because she “felt the need of people who needed guidance.” Also in need of guidance are the people of Kingston, who are served by Jade’s North Front Street location; while walk-ins are welcome at both locations, there are no consistent hours and appointments are preferred.


Miss Jade, who said she is a third-generation psychic following her mother and grandmother, said her premonitions first began at age 10 — her mother told her, simply, that she was “born with the veil.”

Her business is simply called “Clairvoyant Psychic,” located on the intersection of Main and Partition streets, next to The Exchange. Fond of dressing in bright hues, running hot-pink fingernails along palm lines and in possession of a high-pitched, lilting sing-songy voice, Jade is a presence. There is a je ne sais quoi, a certain little unidentifiable something, about her — she’s immediately inviting and calming. She said that she has been a career psychic throughout her adult life.

“It’s not a tool to misinterpret or misuse,” said Jade of her gift. “Giving [people] answers, it’s my favorite, making them happy on their journey, on their spiritual walk in life. …. It’s an experience for them and a great opportunity for me. The greatest thing is that it’s a help. People are depressed when they want to know about their financial situation, their job, their lover, their children. My clients love me for giving them just a little bit of insight and just being there for someone. Listening, that’s another thing that’s very important.”

Originally from Philadelphia, Miss Jade recounted setting up shop at the ’84 World Exposition in New Orleans, and says she has clients from Santa Fe to Canada.

At her Saugerties location, two yellow-green velvet chairs face one another around a small circular table with varied sets of tarot cards; a striking green crystal ball sits in an filigree setting, asking to be gazed into. All manner of figures, ranging from the Hindu deity Ganesh to the Archangel Michael (“That’s my protection — I feel like if there’s a bad energy, get it out of here Michael!”) are featured in the form of illustrations or statues. Candles and incense are plentiful.

“You can’t confuse [spirituality] with religion,” she explained. “If you put the religion, then you get confused. It’s about body, mind and spirit. It’s just spiritual guidance, you’re not hurting anyone. It’s just a little bit to help you move forward. They’re not hurting anyone and neither am I. I like helping people, spiritually guiding them to help them understand a little bit more.”

I held my palms side-by-side, so that the lines from one hand connected with those of the other. After reciting my birthday to her, she noted that June 18 was a day that changed the trajectory of my life — that day, in fact, was spent cavorting around Paris, gazing from the top of the Arc de Triomphe and resolving that travel was a life priority. Perhaps to that end, she told me to expect a significant life change in February of next year.

She posited that I would have three children, two boys and one girl, and a late marriage. She noted that I go to bodies of water to calm myself. Which is true. She told me, reassuringly, that my intentions were all in the right place; that my career was my current utmost concern, and that continuing down my current path (with a more focused approach) would lead me to my goals.

Miss Jade offers palm readings for $40, tarot readings for $60 and $125 for tea leaf or chakra readings. The latter of these, she said, is the most intensive. The client holds a quartz crystal, adorned with the chromatic colors of the seven chakras, to imbue it with their energy and share their date of birth. After meditating with the client and holding the crystal herself, Miss Jade is able to relay a report on the status of that person’s chakras and the blockages therein. She uses the sounds of a rain stick to aid in the meditative relaxation necessary for the process.

“It’s old fashioned, there have been a lot of people here,” said Jade of her experience in Saugerties thus far. “I feel good things, a good vibe. I love the people … When you have a good energy with someone, that’s what lasts forever.”


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