Celebration of Woodstock ’94 25th anniversary

Woodstock Museum will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Woodstock ‘94 Saugerties on Wednesday, Aug. 7 from 7-10 p.m. at the Senior Center, 207 Market St. There will be slide and video projections, refreshments, and live acoustic music and memories with Paul Luke Band. Speakers include Fred Costello, Paul Andreassen, Gary Bischoff, Lanny Walter, Eleanor Minsky and featured photographers Rudy and Laurie Childs. Museum founders Shelli Lipton and Nathan Koenig will host the free event. Special emphasis will be given to the prevention of a mega-dump on Winston Farm that engaged the community and convinced the town to hold Woodstock ‘94. For more information, contact Nathan or Shelli at hello@WoodstockMuseum.org or call (845) 246-0600.

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  1. David

    Woodstock ’94. I ordered 2 tickets for my girlfriend and I, they sent me 11. We were 1st in line to bus transfer from parking to site, they forgot to ask us for our tickets, I still have all 11 tickets including guides. So we got in for free and still hold onto them now. What are thy worth today? Well nothing people say. But the experience of Woodstock ’94, is priceless to me still today. We were not allowed to bring in cameras, no cell phones back in that day. But I snuck one in and I need to scan them how do I do that there’s no way. I don’t believe in cell phones don’t even want one today. My memory will always remain. Got a lot of stories to tell you from the 2 stages and the man made rain. Still wasn’t like the first one though we smoked Gold Seal Hash from Canada that was the best there they say. I liked the songs between bands that were in memory of those that did not make it, well their spirits were with us, ’94 Woodstock was to remember the songs of back in’69, still with us today. Thanks for the great times I had in Woodstock, ’94 then, still rock’n today. So be it.

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