New Paltz SeaHawks win DUSO championship again

Top: Brooke Vos, Julia Napoli and Ashley Benkert. Bottom: Abbie Santos and Delaney Pece. (Photos by Rrich Corozine)

Led By Abbie Santos, Delaney Pece, Ashley Benkert, Brooke Vos and Julia Napoli, the New Paltz SeaHawks ran their DUSO Championship string to seven straight and eight in the last nine years, amassing 1,512 points to second-place Zena’s 1,283 in Saturday’s title meet at the Ulster County Pool. The Seahawks, 7-0 this season, have also put together an incredible 61-straight dual-meet string.

With all the veterans performing at peak level, the SeaHawks — always good at blending in solid newcomers — won the point divisions for 9-10 boys, 15-18 boys, 11-12 girls and 13-14 girls; finishing second in 8-under boys, 11-12 boys and 15-18 girls.


Individually, Abbie Santos ended her SeaHawks career in grand style, tripling in the 15-18 girls 50 freestyle, 100 breaststroke and setting a new DUSO record in the 100 Individual Medley.

Ashley Benkert wasn’t far behind, winning the 15-18 girls 100 freestyle and setting a new DUSO record in the 50 butterfly and finishing second to Santos in the 100 IM.

Delaney Pece finished first in the 11-12 girls 50 breaststroke and 50 backstroke, and second in the 100IM.

Julia Napoli finished first in the 13-14 girls 50 backstroke and 50 butterfly, and second in the 50 freestyle.

Brooke Vos tripled, winning the 11-12 girls 100 freestyle, 100IM and 50 freestyle.

And unheralded Mary McIntyre took home the gold in the 9-10 girls 50 backstroke.

Other second-place finishes went to Will D’Angelo in the 13-14 boys 100 freestyle and 50 butterfly; Sean Geisler in the 15-18 boys 50 freestyle; Trent Suchowiecki in the 9-10 boys 25 freestyle; Katelyn Otis in the 9-10 girls 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke; Caden Salamone in the 9-10 boys 50 breaststroke and 25 butterfly; and Omar Santos in the 9-10 boys 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke.

On the road to the DUSO Championships

The New Paltz SeaHawks ran their dual-meet DUSO record to 61-straight wins with this past week’s DUSO Championship warmup wins over Red Hook (402-203) and Kerhonkson (481-127). The SeaHawks finished the season unbeaten again at 7-0.

Against Red Hook, it was triple wins for Theo Salamone (8-under boys), Renata Martinez (9-10 girls), Brooke Vos (11-12 girls), Delaney Pece (11-12 girls), Andie Psilopoulos (13-14 girls), Ashley Benkert (15-18 girls), Abbie Santos (15-18 girls), Marcelo Cuya (13-14 boys), Mike Messina (15-18 boys) and Caden Salamone (9-10 boys); with double wins for Omar Santos (9-10 boys), Nick Napoli (9-10 boys), Brady Saunders (15-18 boys) and Ella Brassard (9-10 girls); and solo wins for Griffin Santos (13-14 boys), Logan Pece (15-18 boys), Beckett Brassard (8-under boys), Peyton Goldleaf (15-18 girls) and Campbell Heiz (13-14 boys).

In the relays it was Mike Messina, Andie Psilopoloulos, Brooke Vos and Omar Santos in the Mixed 200; Dom Messina, Violet D’Amour, Abbie Forstell and Theo Salamone in the 8-under;  Ella Brassard, Ella Nathe, Trent Suchowiecki and Nick Napoli in the 9-10; Julia Napoli, Riley Burdick, Griffin Santos and Marcelo Cuya in the 13-14; and Abbie Santos, Ashley Benkert, Brady Saunders and Logan Pece in the 15-18.

Against Kerhonkson, it was triple wins for Brooke Vos (11-12 girls) and Julia Napoli (13-14 girls); with doubles for Emily Vondra (8-under girls), Theo Salamone (8-under boys), Micah McDuffie (11-12 boys), Tate Wilson (11-12 boys), Will D’Angelo (13-14 boys), Ashley Benkert (15-18 girls), Abbie Santos (15-18 girls), Omar Santos (9-10 boys), Andie Psilopoulos (13-14 girls), Ella Brassard (9-10 girls) and Caden Salamone (9-10 boys); with solo wins for Magdalena Regenauer (13-14 girls), Logan Pece (15-18 boys), SaraRose Emilio (8-under girls), Ella Nathe (9-10 girls), Makena Laurie (8-uner girls), Dom Messina (8-under boys), Katelyn Otis (11-12 girls), Andrew Lamark (11-12 boys), Mike Messina (15-18 boys), Grace Lang (11-12 girls), Quinn Oremus (11012 boys), Campbell Heiz (13-14 boys), Alex Demis (15-18 boys) and Jenna Bieszad (9-10 girls). 

The SeaHawks swept the relays with Kerhonkson.

SeaHawks coaches Glenn Lapolt and Melissa Gruver-LaPolt.