Delgado votes to raise federal minimum wage to $15/hour

U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado (NY-19) voted today in favor of the Raise the Wage Act, would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 over six years.

“Every American deserves to be paid a living wage that can support them and their family,” said Delgado in a statement. “Today, I joined my colleagues to raise the minimum wage and raise wages for 80,000 workers in New York’s 19th District. I’m glad this bill takes a thoughtful approach with commonsense provisions including a gradual on-ramp for small businesses to raise their minimum wage and critical exemptions for family farms and other agricultural workers.”

The bill passed in the house by a vote of 231-199. Six Democrats opposed it and three Republicans supported it. The Senate is not expected to take up the bill and the president has threatened a veto.


A New York State law passed in 2016 will phase in a $15 minimum wage statewide over the next several years. It’s currently $11.1o per hour and will be increased to $12.50 in 2021, and will be incrementally increased based each year after that based on various factors until it reaches $15.

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  1. Bruce E. Woych

    High Praises for Delgado:
    There is an old saying that being in poverty is very expensive. Unless you have chosen beteen food and utilities, worked an entire week and tried overtime to make payments; or put gas in your car that needs work itself; you can’t possibly understand the hardship of a “growing economy” that leaves you behind. Business does not pay the bills. workers do. Hard daily grind work; deserves a just living wage. It is interesting to hear the rank and file business failures blame a minimum wage for their troubles, when the cost of labor is part of doing business itself. If austerity is the current trend for struggling businesses, blame free market ownership society that makes you pay for every parked car and avenue to success with hard line regulations, insurance through the gazoo, legal fees and accountants and taxes that are more tribute than contribution to society. Barriers to entry that constrain growth and keep captial volume and velocity out of the hands of working people are a top down problem, not a foundation streaming from the bottom up. Failure to thrive is a problem of austerity not a consequence of fair wages. Put the blame where it belongs. Do onto others as you would do onto yourself, and your own family. Stop whining about your business costs for labor and start fighting for a stronger socially conscious economy.
    Put more money into your own community and the end result will not only save businesses at the local level, but provide a better chance for growth itself.

  2. Stanley Hess

    Every single one of you commenters is part of the problem. Online debate on both sides is nonsensical and a complete waste of time. One person one vote. Shut the heck up please. You all contribute nothing.

    1. Tom Dowd

      So Stosh, you believe we should shut up and take it, is that it? You further believe that the exchange of ideas by free thinking people, is a useless “waste of time”. And, feel so self righteous, and full of indignation, that only you are contributing to the discussion with your ‘pious’ post, and all others “contribute nothing”. How arrogant, and pompous of you. And, what does “one person, one vote” even mean, or add to the discussion? Please elaborate. You should look in the mirror, as your post stands out as the most nonsensical and biggest waste of time of all the previous posts, as far as I see it. Please feel free to comment further, possibly adding some more of your highly intellectual and omnipotent ideas, furthering the discussion.

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