City of Kingston warns of ICE raids

City officials warned residents that agents of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau were operating in Kingston. The warning was issued via the city’s official Facebook page earlier today, and was accompanied by information in English and Spanish informing residents of their rights if they are approached by ICE. Others on social media, including the Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson Facebook page, posted warnings and photos of cars allegedly used by ICE personnel.

Both Kingston and Ulster County have adopted official policies of non-cooperation with immigration authorities. City and county employees are barred from providing any information to ICE or turning over detainees to the agency, absent a warrant signed by a judge.

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  1. lew

    what rights do people here illegally have? none is the correct answer. we need immigration but it must be done legally and the federal government is required by the constitution to protect sovereignty. if you are willing to break laws to get here what else will you do. hundreds of thousands of people come here legally each year. we as a country allow more immigrants into our country legally than any other country. we do need immigration reform. lets start by allowing students who get degrees in areas we need people to stay and become citizens. lets make sure they have all their shots and are good people. lets stop the trafficking of drugs and little girls across our southern border. this is why we are separating children from adults because many are not related and one person trafficking a child across our southern border is too much. by the way if you hide an illegal you are aiding and abeding whhhich can get you arrested as well.

  2. Bill Berardi

    What tips has the Mayor provided to us regular residents for responding to Census workers, Police Officers, Building and Safety Inspectors, Trash Enforcement Officials, Parking Violation Workers, Unpaid Property tax and water/sewer notices?

    1. Swamp Yankee

      I was in Kingston on the Roundout with an undocumented alien when we both got stopped by a city police chic. There had been a breakin at the Clearwater Sloop building the night before, so, who were we and where’s you’re i.d. I produced my new york state drivers license, and the undocumented alien told the cop “I have no i.d..” So there you are, if you are born in the U.S.A., you gotta have an i.d. If you are not a u.s. citizen, here without documentation, the police shrug them off. Ironically, the guy I was with shoveled barn manure for an immigration lawyer’s equestrian facility for 12 years, and still couldn’t get a Green Card, just cash pay on a weekly basis and a ride home at the end of the day.

      1. John

        If you know your rights New York is a non-ID state. Unless you are committing a crime you do not need to provide ID to law enforcement. It is a courtesy if you do and the respectful thing to do, but not a requirement.

  3. Fran

    What right does the mayor of Kingston have to make decisions regarding the total disregard of federal laws concerning immigration. The mayor has lost my vote and my confidence. The silent majority who go to work every day and pay their taxes would prefer to see their hard earned money go to help AMERICANS.

  4. The Yankee

    If you are here illegally you are breaking the law. If you did not enter at a port of entry, you are breaking the law. If you claimed asylum and did not show up for your hearing, you are breaking the law. If you claimed asylum and were denied but did not leave, you are breaking the law. If you are not here legally and break the law, you are deported.

    1. Adam Smith

      Amen. Hopefully they will give me a heads up when Dept of Taxation sends armed goons after me for not paying taxes.

  5. Jaun Chavez

    There is no law against coming into this country by way other than a port of entry. Therefore, being a noncitizen, is not a crime, yet. And, an undocumented alien can not be asked their immigration status, as per our US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, unless committing of a crime was involved after their entry into the USA, and actually are not “illegal”, in any sense of the word.

    1. Rick

      Not only are you won’t but your name says why your wrong. Go take your ass and sneak in to N.K. or Russia and see what happens.

      1. Not really Juan

        Well, Rick, I must respond to your most highly intelligent rebuttal… … I am not “won’t”, but in fact, I am “will”! Secondly, you are quite racist in your post by attacking, the monicker, that I chose, too make my post, on the actual Constitutional Amendment, that all laws and policies of Our United States, and all magistrate and jurisprudence, must uphold, and make the fact, that just being an undocumented immigrant, does not constitute a crime in the United States. Therefore according too the law of the land it is not a crime to enter the United States sovereignty, by any means, other than ” Port of Entries”, in fact too claim asylum, one must cross, by means other than ports of entry proper. You then make the statement, that, my name; “Say’s why I am wrong”, Why you bigoted halfwit, I am a white Swiss and Irish Catholic raised fifth generation American, who likes to use fake monickers, on my posts as too prove those, like yourself who attack ” the messenger”, as too belittle the “message”, through sophomoric and unintelligent post’s, that in reality are fallacious, as you and your post appear too make you. And, just to prove how racist, all those who are against Mexican and Latin American immigrants; Did you know there are ten times more undocumented Canadian immigrants, right now in our country, and they are taking your high paid professional jobs, because of their higher education and their easy “assimilation”, because they look like all us white folk, not farm and restaurant work, that our children will not do, as in my generation, and those Southern American immigrants do, as a service to us. Also, there are more undocumented or expired Visa Europeans, Asians, India and African immigrants, then Mexican and/or Latin American undocumented living and working in America, taking ” your” jobs. And, the Northern American border along with every port coastal or airport, have over fifty times the undocumented immigrants daily then the Southern border which is our most strongest protected border. Another point of interest is the fact, that, of all our points and ports of entry, the southern border, has the least amount of illegal drugs entering the US. So my question why are all our efforts, attention, and dollars along with unintelligent posts and attacks, not unlike your bigoted post, are spent on our southern border, when we have a much bigger problem with just about every other nation, with more undocumented immigrants, than Latin Americans? I will tell you why, because of discrimination, ignorance and bigotry, because of Race and Color. So go blow it out your butt, it would be quite the intelligence upgrade, then what we have witnessed being blown from out of your head.

        1. Not Jaun either

          Oh yeah, Rick, I forgot to mention the second half of your ignorant, biased, and idiotic post, you know the part about North Korea or Russia. So, what you are saying, in so few words, is that you wish the USA was more like these oligarchic dictatorship’s, and ran things under state rule, just like these two communistic state military run nations. Sounds like you are un-American, and seem to profess to be a follower of Putin and Kim So Dumb of North Korea, why don’t you go back where you came from you bigoted commie…

    2. John

      I agree that persons should be allowed in the country for fear of prosecution in their native country (asylum seekers) but once their court date comes, if they are denied asylum or skip out in court they should be removed from the country. They are the persons ICE is currently looking to remove and I would support this effort. If you snuck across a border without declaring your presence in the country you are here illegally and while I believe you are granted humanitarian rights you should be deported just as if I did the same in a foreign country.

  6. The ICE-man Cometh

    A citizen is a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it-so says the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

    If you are not a citizen, well, “Knock, knock.”

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