2019 Rosendale Street Festival schedule

These sprinklers will come in on handy on Saturday, when temperatures will be approaching 100 degrees (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

The Rosendale Street Festival returns July 20-21. For more on the festival: See 80 bands in two days at the Rosendale Street Festival.

Saturday, July 20

12:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Ami Madeline

Creekside Stage- Diesel Thunder

Mountain Stage – Summer Winds


12:30 PM

Cafe Stage – The Sidemen

Midtown Stage – MartinTullyKlein

Soy Stage – LSDaniel


1:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Norman Savitt and Leny Brown

Creekside Stage- Kitty Fisher’s Army

Mountain Stage – Todd Baker


1:30 PM

Cafe Stage – Paid Vacation

Midtown Stage – Minerva

Soy Stage – Carole White & Fre Atlast


2:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Schmave

Creekside Stage- Frenchy and the Punk

Mountain Stage – Tulula


2:30 PM

Cafe Stage – Ridgeline Ramblers

Midtown Stage – Wally Nichols

Soy Stage – Paul Maloney


3:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Madarka

Creekside Stage- Pete Santora

Mountain Stage – SkyDaddy


3:30 PM

Cafe Stage – Sonnie Chiebba & the JailBreakers

Midtown Stage – iS

Soy Stage – Liana Gabel


4:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Rukumbine

Creekside Stage- Emily Beck Band

Mountain Stage – The Jonny Monster Band


4:30 PM

Cafe Stage – Mars America

Midtown Stage – Kurt Henry & DOG KNOWS!

Soy Stage – Ron Renninger


5:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Dog On Fleas

Creekside Stage- Ramona Lane

Mountain Stage – Salted Bros


5:30 PM

Cafe Stage – H

Midtown Stage – Victoria Levy Band

Soy Stage – Cyndi Washburn

6:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Sheila Dee

Creekside Stage- Los Doggies

Mountain Stage – Pitchfork Militia


6:30 PM

Cafe Stage – Jules Olson

Midtown Stage – The Sci-Flies

Soy Stage – Marji Zintz


7:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Gus Mancini’s Sonic Soul Awe-Kestra

Creekside Stage- Ian Flanagan

Mountain Stage – JBH and Rock City Riders


7:30 PM

Cafe Stage – Yard Sale

Midtown Stage – Jericho

Soy Stage – Andy Shapiro


8:00 PM

Mountain Stage – Lara Hope and the Ark Tones

(Photo by Lauren Thomas)

Sunday, July 21

12:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Dharma Bums

Creekside Stage- Shannon and Pete

Mountain Stage – TONUS MAXIMUS


12:30 PM

Cafe Stage – Deep Forest

Midtown Stage – Whisper Campaign

Soy Stage – James Hearne


1:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Wild Irish Roses

Creekside Stage- RoseGold Duo

Mountain Stage – Greg Farley

Redwing Blackbird Theatre – Drum Circle (until 3 PM)

Theatre Stage – Bloom


1:30 PM

Cafe Stage – Caprice Rouge

Midtown Stage – Hobo Jungle

Soy Stage – Michael Francis McCarthy


2:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Carrtoons

Creekside Stage- BobKat

Mountain Stage – Rory Quinn Band

Theatre Stage – Resiterhood Choir


2:30 PM

Cafe Stage – Breakneck Annie

Midtown Stage – Dylan Doyle

Soy Stage – Ethan Campbell


3:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Brasskill

Creekside Stage- Mateo & Dougan

Mountain Stage – Mister Kick

Theatre Stage – Art Effect/ High Meadow School Short Films



3:30 PM

Cafe Stage – Max’s New Hat

Midtown Stage – Pour La Terre

Soy Stage – Bennett Harris


4:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Handsome Devils

Creekside Stage- Kate Skwire and the Too Lazy Boys

Mountain Stage – Templars of Doom


4:30 PM

Cafe Stage – D-Squared Band

Midtown Stage – Cob’s Cabin Band

Soy Stage – Dylan Emmet


5:00 PM

Canal Lock Stage – Rosendale Brass Band and Social Club

Creekside Stage – The Beautiful Bastards

Mountain Stage – The Robert Cahill Band


5:30 PM

Cafe Stage – M’Bollo

Midtown Stage – Circus of Wolves

Soy Stage – Doug Yoel

** Parade from CanalLock Stage to Mountain Stage!


6:00 PM

Mountain Stage – Shadow Witch


The 2019 Rosendale Street Festival will be taking place on July 20 and 21. On both days, Main St. becomes closed to traffic at 10:00 am and music begins at noon. The festival will end at 9:00 pm on Saturday and 7:00 pm on Sunday. UCAT will be providing shuttles from the following parking areas: Bloomington Fire House, The Old Tillson School, Brookside School, The Rondout Municipal Center and The Iron Mountain Kiln lot (to the left of the Iron Mountain Main entrance) on Binnewater Road.