Faces of Kingston: Maximilian Glausen

Maximilian Glausen

Faces of Kingston is an exercise in getting to know one another better. We have many new people moving here as well as long-term locals, plenty of whom have great stories or, shall we say, unique perspectives. Why not platform some of you to talk about what it’s like living here in your own words and maybe even air some grievances or shower a local business with well-deserved praise?

I have not only been scouring the city for interesting people to talk to for this new column but also have been plumbing my own cluttered mind for people who jump out as colorful, thought-provoking or well-spoken and wonderful individuals. This week’s subject was a no-brainer, a great addition to our community and someone I am glad to call a friend.

Twenty-six-year-old Maximilian Glausen joins us this week to share his experiences living in our fair city. 


Morgan Y. Evans: Can you tell our readers what you do for a living and what is the most rewarding thing about it? How did you get into that field in the first place? Was it something you always wanted to do and envisioned for yourself or was it a random turn of events that led you down your current path? 

Maximilian Glausen: I’m a chef and I have been cooking since I was 14. My mom wanted to keep me out of trouble and so she sent me to her friend’s restaurant to work over the summer. I started as a fry cook at a local crab shack and now am doing sushi at the best place in the Hudson Valley.

What is your earliest Kingston memory? You have been here a little while now but aren’t the longest term resident that comes to mind, so I bet your recollection is a little more crisp and recent than some folks. 

The first time I was in Kingston is when my current boss asked me to come help him open SushiMakio (located at 1088 Morton Blvd). He picked me up from the Culinary and we drove to the restaurant. The first thing I saw that impacted me was the old IBM complex. It was like a ghost town but with so much potential.

What are some of your favorite places in Kingston to frequent when you are not working?

My favorite dive is Snapper’s. My favorite bar is Stockade Tavern. My favorite food spots would be Pakt, Peace Nation Cafe and Just for You (RIP). 

What do you think is the most positive direction Kingston is heading? There is so much going on so sometimes it’s good to take a deep breath and reflect on the changes, for better and for worse. What is an area you would like to see the city improve on?

Kingston’s focus on local art and expression is something that I love and appreciate about this city. I’d say that up until recently it has been quite a positive direction. Midtown’s positive trend has been great but it would be cool to see more of a community involvement with the surrounding neighborhoods. Maybe there is, and I just don’t know about it but I feel like it is lacking. Also, the IBM area comes to mind.  

What has been meaningful to you about making friends with people here? Is there any fun time that stands out as particularly memorable that made you think this was a cool place to be? Did you do anything to get to know people better that was maybe difficult for you? 

Oh man, the friends that I have made since I moved to Kingston have really helped me as whole, whether they know it or not. One more recent memory I have is when my friend insisted I come sing live karaoke at BSP with her. I was terribly nervous but we got hyped together, got on stage and killed it. Thanks to all the friends who supported us. You know who you are!

So I wanted to say that you are a generally fun person to have conversations with because you have a wide range of interests and can see the humor or seriousness in different things without dismissing people. Do you consider yourself a good listener or a people person? I feel like people get to know you and you say what you think but you also care about other people’s perspectives. 

Actually my job consists of me being a good people person. As a sushi chef, sometimes you have to be well-versed in various topics and also be able to read the air. I would definitely consider myself a good listener because I’m not that great at talking (laughs). I’ve always been taught to say what’s on my mind about topics, otherwise one would live an ignorant, conventional life. Without curiosity there is no progress.

Lastly today, what are you looking forward to most about summer in the Hudson Valley?

The swimming holes!