Ulster County EMT pair help NYC stabbing victim

Here’s one for the good news file.

The New York Daily News carried a report Monday we thought would be worth sharing. Two young Emergency Medical Technicians who work at Mobile Life in Kingston were in Manhattan Monday when they came across a man who’d been stabbed in the neck in Chinatown.

The man, who was described as in his 60s and homeless, was bleeding profusely, and someone called for an ambulance. That’s when Zach Bundschuh and Shelagh Sweeney rushed in to help, applying pressure to the wound until FDNY medics arrived.

Bundschuh told the News that the man was awake and talking when he was taken away.


We previously reported on Sweeney, who last year became Hurley Fire Department’s first woman firefighter of the year at just 21 years of age.


Shelagh Sweeney with county legislator Heidi Haynes, receiving the firefighter of the year award


Sweeney and Bundschuh (Facebook)

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  1. Stacey

    What beautiful Souls they are, thank you so much for helping that poor man ! It’s sad that someone did that to him, but thankfully they were there to be his guardian angels, blessings be upon them.

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