Kingston After Dark: Uptown Swing and Hardcore Kings

This joint was jumpin’.

Looking for something a little different and more challenging than another bar crawl on the weekends? Uptown Swing is a monthly night of hot jazz and swing dance in Kingston, typically at The Beverly (technically Midtown at 224 Foxhall) and presented in coordination with BSP Kingston. Why not test your luck, and the patience of others, trying to figure out how to dance with style?

Just joking. This is a welcoming environment for people of different skill levels.

“At each event, we teach a beginners’ lesson that is open to everyone, no experience or partner required,” says Uptown Swing representative Emily Vail. “After the lesson, a live band plays two sets of hot jazz to dance, listen and enjoy.”


It was cool to learn about this series of dance events, which have sort of missed my radar until now. One of the nicest things about our fair city is that we increasingly have so many options of fun activities for a wide range of interests.

“We feature local bands, as well as national touring bands,” Vail tells me. “This summer, we have Miss Maybell & the Jazz Age Artistes from New York City on June 22, Dinos Aurchestra from New Orleans on July 19, and Cait & the Critters out of New York City on August 11.” Each of these will be at the Beverly.

“We also have a vintage jazz dance troupe, the Uptown Lowdown, which frequently performs at the band break. The Uptown Lowdown performs original choreography and classic routines in the style of the 1920s to 1940s, with an emphasis on classic chorus-girl styling.”

Uptown Swing started these gatherings in 2014 with BSP, and the creators declare that it a wonderful event that attracts a broad crowd. More information on Uptown Swing is available at

Dissolve, and more, at Tubby’s

If you want to potentially go to swing night with a black eye from the night before, may I suggest the insanely heavy hardcore bill the night before on June 21 at your friendly neighborhood hip new spot Tubby’s on Broadway. One of the longest running hardcore and noise hybrids of the region, Dissolve are headlining this intimate show for people who love unity and high kicks. The bill also consists of some incredible up-and-coming bands like Public Burning, Scavengers, Big Man, Lurch and Dirt Church (all of whom you can check out on Bandcamp).

I am particularly enjoying the Dirt Church demo, recorded live at legend Don Fury’s studio in the Troy area. This Albany-based band has a big sense of the emotional payoff in not throwing all your tricks at a listener right away. It allows songs to have dynamics and pacing that really push things over the top. The one song I heard. “Hours” on their Bandcamp but it is one of the more intense tracks I have heard in awhile. It maintains an insistent urgency in the bellowed vocals of Billy Harringan. I think they have even shared the stage with some metal bands like Obituary and Exmortus before, which is pretty impressive.

The organizers of the Tubby’s show insist they really want people to respect the venue. It’s a small establishment. We need places to feel respected by hardcore fans if there are going to be spots to throw heavy shows all the time like we used to have. It really is true that it is harder to find venues these days for a genre that used to pack DIY and pro club spaces alike — a sad example of how momentum can get killed if people aren’t respectful or dedicated enough. 

I was very stoked when I saw this show was going down. All jokes aside, I sincerely hope it rules, and everyone has a safe and righteous time.

The show is a Fugazi-friendly $5 and doors are at 7 p.m. for a special 18-and-up night. Be cool, not a crowd-killer brute. Watch out for one another and pick up your pals. Everyone should know those rules by now in the punk scene in 2019. 

Darkness, darkness

Well, despite the already-scathing revues I am excited to see Dark Phoenix and hope it doesn’t end the mixed bag Fox X-Men series with a sad plop. Personally, I think Sophie Turner is awesome in whatever she does. I was pleased to learn that this time they really let Storm, played by Alexandra Shipp, showcase. She is one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel’s canopy of freaks and geeks. 

I enjoyed the new Godzilla a lot, which also got bad reviews for the plot, but to be fair you could have just told me it had Godzilla and Mothra flirting and I still would have raced to see it opening night anyway.

Until next week, I hope whatever form of entertainment, private or public, you pursue this week it leaves you well and truly satisfied in your pursuit of happiness. Thanks as always for reading and being you.