Letter: Eternally grateful

I am extremely thankful to the community of Saugerties for coming out in droves to support me in everyway possible since my diagnosis of colon cancer at the end of August 2018. Dr. Hal Buch, Dr. Riolin Andrade, Dr. Camillo Torres, and Dr. Michael Moscowitz got me into chemo/radiation treatments immediately after the routine colonoscopy found the problem. We have a top team of specialists here in Kingston, that is in touch with the latest procedures at Sloane Kettering. If I can say anything to help others, it is have regular colonoscopies. Every five years was not enough for me. I was told that the tumor was 5-6 centimeters. I thank God…not only has it been destroyed but there are no cancer cells in the biopsy this past week. 

Saugerties Times writer Christina Coulter wrote a wonderful article about my situation with commentaries by my friends, Nancy Swart and Miriam Adams in early October. My daughter, Stacey Johnson who lives in Albany let everyone know on social media that I was in need of help. Hundreds of cards, postings and emails arrived to help keep my spirits up. Living alone and on heavy medications, I needed transportation to treatments. Many friends and acquaintances provided this and showed up on my doorstep with meals. I had to stop teaching private art classes in September. Since my business was small to begin with, having no income for a long time and very little recently is detrimental. Saugerties organizations and others sent financial aid to help with bills. I am grateful. 

I am still on the road to recovery from internal and external radiation burns, nerves trying to reconnect and bouts of vertigo. Since I am off opiate narcotics now, I plan to get back to my usual teaching schedule in Sept. 2019. I got help for depression and chronic pain at the Health Alliance Reuner Cancer Support House, 80 Mary’s Ave, Kingston with Elise Lark, Ph.D., LCSW-OSWC. 


In the meantime, my students have gotten artwork together from the past so that we can have our 29th Annual Student Art Show on Sunday June 9 at 4 p.m.-6 p.m. at the Senior Center. Phyllis McCabe, Photographer Laureate of Kingston will be our guest speaker preceding an awards ceremony. Woodstock artist, Joyce Washor chose the awards for this show. Danielle Paulding has volunteered to cater the event free of charge. The public is invited to attend. No admission fee, no sales of art will be held.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers!  I am eternally grateful! 

Kristy Bishop