State trooper fatally shoots Tannersville man on I-84

State Police shot and killed an individual early this morning on I-84 after troopers said the subject refused to comply with commands and made a movement to enter their police car.

At approximately 1:55 a.m., State Police responded to a report of a disabled vehicle on I-84 in the town of Montgomery near exit 5A. As troopers arrived on the scene of the disabled vehicle, another call was received of a subject walking along the westbound shoulder of I-84, near exit 5. The responding troopers left the disabled vehicle to respond. When they encountered the individual, one trooper exited the troop car and engaged the man in conversation, while the other drove the vehicle beside them.

A preliminary investigation revealed the subject was not cooperative with troopers, and refused to comply with commands multiple times. When the subject made a movement to enter the police car, one of the troopers shot and hit the subject.


The troopers immediately called for assistance and treated the subject at the scene.

The subject, who police subsequently identified as Luke H. Patterson, age 41, of Tannersville, was transported to Orange Regional Medical Center, where he died.

State Police ask that anyone who may have information about Patterson or the events leading up to this incident to call SP Middletown at 845-344-5300.

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  1. Dagwood Bumstead

    How quickly do you think they planted a gun at the scene?

    Traffic stops are nothing more than a way to harass, and kill, members of the general public.

  2. JP

    Way to go Dagwood. So police just harrass and kill the general public? So the fact that the subject didn’t listen multiple times, and tried entering the police car when asked to stop means that cops are all bad? I would love for you and others like you to have to do such a difficult and dangerous job. But you can’t, because you just insist on stirring the pot of hate toward police. Shame on you!

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