Letter: The Saugerties C&D dump must be cleaned up

As a 25 year native resident to Saugerties, I have never witnessed something so horrendous as the mess Mr. Karoyls has brought to our town. Friendly Saugerties is becoming less and less friendly as some have voiced in a recent town board meeting. Why has this issue gotten as far as it has? Why is Mr. Karoyls still operating the way he is? 

My first encounter with this mess was when the Centerville Fire District was dispatched for a tractor trailer roll over on Goat Hill Rd. What was found when members arrived was a tractor trailer on its side on site of a property Mr. Karoyls is filling with C&D material. Now it is a constant worry that we have a steady stream of trucks on our roads and the potential for this to happen again is great. We will all have to deal with the mess and or someone could get seriously injured.

I took some time on a rainy Sunday last week to look at each of Mr. Karolys’ sites he’s been filling with this material. I also got to meet Mr. Karolys first hand. He had no answers for the questions I had other than “I am just trying to make money and no one will leave me alone.” Where is your respect for your neighbors and the environment you are destroying? What I witnessed was very disturbing while passing by his properties and dump sites. His trucks leak oils everywhere leaving rainbows all over, they’re tracking mud and unidentified materials into town, county, and state roadways creating very traitorous road hazards when wet. He is destroying the newly paved 212 highway where his trucks enter and leave the roadway. The worst part is he’s filling our ecosystem with unidentified material that could be potentially harmful to everyone. 


We cannot let this go any further. This has to stop. The impact this could have on surrounding properties could be long lasting and devastating to the environment. I call on our town board and its officials who can stop this or at least make sure it is properly and safely regulated, to keep the pressure on and make this a priority for the health and safety of our town and its residents. Time to clean up your act, Karolys!

The photos show the Tractor Trailer rollover, oil spots on Goat Hill Rd, Mud and debris on Route 212 and Goat Hill Rd, and oil slick in runoff water on Goat Hill Rd which also shows a total lack of requirements set forth by the NYSDEC and its section for Storm water discharge from construction activities.

Mike Ivino, Candidate for Town Council

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  1. Jaymes Nohns

    The reason it is this bad, is because our town officials don’t put any effort into enforcing anything. Our town officials also are easily schmoozed into situations that turn disastrous such as this one. The Town of Saugerties is always late to the party. For instance, I am on year#18 complaining about the illegal junkyard behind my house( which is being hidden as a lumber/sawmill company) on Glasco turnpike, over 50 unregistered vehicles, along with household garbage reside there….150 feet from my well. The man that owns the property hasn’t been to the landfill in over 50 years. He just keeps on having the Town of Woodstock bring in “Clean fill” to bury the garbage, or whomever else will dump fill there. He also brings in slab wood from a now defunct sawmill just down the road to bury garbage. People need to seriously look at the smoke and mirrors that is going on here……

  2. Joseph Karolys

    Mike Ivino is just a wannabe politician talking smack. This is not a letter to the editor it was copied and pasted from his facebook page from a couple weeks ago. Its a shame the Centerville Fire District allows one of their officers to represent them in the media by spreading libelous propaganda with no basis or facts. I would imagine their legal council would frown upon him taking a position on behalf of the entire organization.

  3. Guy DeGennaro

    Its obvious this gentleman Mr. Ivino does not know Mr. Karolys. Joe is a fine upstanding man. A family man. He has done a lot of quality work for me over the years. I know for a fact he has spent tens of thousands of dollars on engineering for the proper permits but the town refuses to approve his SWPPP or his Commercial Entrance plan as that would bring him into compliance. The Town is doing everything they can to hurt this man and his family, while his neighbors the Rothes and Kiniry are in similar businesses and process materials from out of Town without any issue. Not to mention many others such as Merritt Construction and DePietro who bring stuff in from the city daily. What the town is doing is not right and Mr. Ivino should not get involved. Who made him a spokesman for the fire company?

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