Police arrest Hudson Valley man with 170 bags of heroin

State Police yesterday arrested Tyrell Wood, 23, of Poughkeepsie, following a traffic stop in which police say a search found 170 bags of heroin containing approximately 5.1 grams of the drug.

Wood was arrested on the following charges:

  • Criminal possession of a controlled substance, third degree, a class B felony
  • Criminal possession of a controlled substance, fourth degree, a class C felony

Wood was processed and arraigned in the Town of Loyd. He was remanded to the Ulster County Jail on $25,000 cash bail, or $50,000 bond.

This was a coordinated effort between the New York State Police and the Town of Lloyd Police Department.


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  1. Jethro Bodine

    Don’t know much about heroin, but I can do math. 170 bags divided in to 5.1 grams (grams mind you, not ounces) is .03 grams per bag. A quick google search shows junkies in a government sponsored program (now there’s a bad idea!) consume about a half gram per day (.5), so 15 bags or so is one day’s shoot up. This dude was caught with 10 days worth of junk. The headline makes it sound like he runs an Afghanistan drug family.

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