Highland Middle School employee resigns following incident

A Highland Middle School employee has resigned following an incident that led to an investigation by the Highland Central School District.

“Last week, we dealt with a personnel issue at the middle school,” said Superintendent of Schools Thomas Bongiovi in a prepared statement posted on the district’s website. Bongiovi noted that he is not legally permitted to comment on any particular personnel matter, but did send a letter to parents informing them about the incident. Bongiovi said that after receiving a complaint regarding an employee last week, “the district did a prompt and thorough investigation, and the employee ultimately resigned from the district.” He added that the New York State Department of Education was also notified.

“We want to stress that there have been no prior reports or suspicions of any inappropriate behavior from this individual,” said Bongiovi. “Neither has there been any allegations made, in this situation or in the past, that involved any improper interactions or behaviors with students. I want to emphasize that we expect our staff to adhere to the highest moral, ethical and professional standards. Any behavior to the contrary of these expectations will be dealt with swiftly and firmly.”


What was the incident? School officials won’t say, but according to reporting by News 12 Westchester, parents say it involved a teacher watching inappropriate material on a school computer.