Fletcher’s auction has surprises, beauty and toughness

Good things come in sublime groupings, at least here in the art colony that is eternal Woodstock. A fortnight after Jim Cox’s successful Collector’s Exchange auction, noted gallerist Tom Fletcher, who’s spent a lifetime selling culture in first the book industry and now classic Woodstock art for nearly 30 years, will be hosting one of his grand fine art auctions on Saturday, May 11 starting at 2 p.m. at the Mescal Hornbeck Community Center on Rock City Road. No excuses not to pick up a great Mother’s Day gift this year!

Fletcher, as we’ve all come to expect, has assembled a sterling collection of 260 lots for sale in person and online. 

There is a fine sampling of great Woodstock art, from Bolton Brown through some sterling Kuniyoshis and muscular Pressers to pieces by Eric Angeloch, Richard Segalman, Rich Pantell and other locally-based artists of today. There is a fabulous Ed Chavez, several De Diegos, a gorgeous winterscape of the village by Georgina Klitgaard, several top shelf paintings by the underrated Agnes Hart, and even a painting by the late Carolee Schneemann.


Highlights are many: a charming H.A. Duessel landscape, a fun work by the Californian watercolorist, Milford Zornes. There are prints by Dali, Miro, and Toulouse Lautrec; several works by the Soyer brothers, Moses and Raphael. And best of all, a superb drawn portrait of Fletcher Martin by Philip Guston.

Will anything sell for the unexpected amounts the bolder contemporary pieces at Cox’s auction went for? Will Fletcher work his magic, on his collectors, to pull the going prices for early 20th century art back to previous highs?

Be sure and get down to the auction at the Community Center on Saturday afternoon. As goes the values of our town’s cultural legacies, so goes our draw for contemporary artists, collectors, and second homers…at least according to some who’ve lived here for years.

For further information, including a preview of some of the pieces, go online at fletchergallery.com, stop by Tom’s gallery at 40 Mill Hill Road, or call 679-4411.

Or just head over to the Mescal Hornbeck Community Center, 56 Rock City Road by 2 p.m. Saturday, May 11.