Newcomers Wojcik and Zipp win New Paltz Village Board seats

Michele Zipp, Alexandria Wojcik and Tim Rogers

Alexandria Wojcik and Michele Zipp will be sitting at the New Paltz Village Board table starting this June. They bested incumbents Don Kerr and Dennis Young by several dozen votes to secure those seats. Counting of the votes was not immediate after the polls closed. About 8 p.m., a power surge took out the machine being used and its battery backup. A second machine was brought out to finish the night, but the votes recorded before the power surge were locked away on that machine’s memory card. At first it appeared that the count of those votes — 339 in all — would have to wait until morning, when technicians could open the machine in front of witnesses. Instead, a hand count of those votes was performed, with unofficial results announced at about 11 p.m.

Michele Zipp received the most votes for village trustee, 231, followed by 217 for Wojcik, 203 for Young and 175 for Kerr. Names written in for that position included business owners Jon and Amy Cohen, former trustee Jean Gallucci and 44 votes for Ariana Basco, another former trustee now working in the village clerk’s office.

Tim Rogers, unopposed for mayor, received 364 votes. Amy Cohen — a former candidate for the job — got eight votes and other names written in included deputy mayor KT Tobin, former town supervisor Carol Roper, current town supervisor Neil Bettez, a local dog named Paco and one vote for “anyone but Tim.”


Results will be made official after the hand count can be confirmed with what’s on the machine’s memory card.



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