No need for traffic light by proposed Stewart’s in New Paltz says company, and village officials agree

New Paltz Village Planning Board members reviewed some updates to the Stewart’s application last week and agreed to submit it to county Planning Board members for their comments. The plan calls for relocating the convenience store to 76 North Chestnut Street, at the corner of Henry W. Dubois Drive, with a total of eight gasoline pumps and a bigger store than is now located a few lots north. Board members looked at new plan updates which clarify setbacks and the truck circulation route — which would have drivers both enter and exit via North Chestnut Street — as well as landscaping plans for the property.

The other shoe which may drop is related to a traffic light at that corner. State transportation officials feel the intersection is now busy enough to justify it, and additionally want it built and paid for by the applicant. That’s a non-starter for Stewart’s executives, and village officials are in agreement. Mayor Tim Rogers sent a letter expressing a preference for re-striping Henry W. Dubois Drive to allow for a left-turn lane, or in the alternative to have a light paid for from the State budget if state officials want it badly enough. Planning Board members don’t think a traffic light is necessary, and chair Eve Walter advised that they can indeed move ahead without including one in the plans. DOT officials have the right to put down a metaphorical foot and require it, but the board’s attorney told her that this is only rarely done.

Ultimately, the lot itself will become smaller if this application is approved. “Our intent is to subdivide this off,” Stewart’s representative Chuck Marshall told village Planning Board members about the building now housing Tow-Rific. The owner of that business is attempting to relocate to a property on Route 32 North; that application is before members of the town Planning Board and is facing some opposition from neighbors.


This application will be forwarded to county Planning Board members, and once those comments are received, Walter anticipates completing the environmental review and voting on approval.

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  1. Samuel

    Bonk. New Paltz makes NO sense again! I don’t care what the design plans are, anyone on HD Drive attempting to turn at this intersection knows first hand the flow of traffic and the volume of traffic here are such that it can be a long and slow process. This is a major intersection and needs a traffic light. Where is the town’s “eagle eye” on this?!?!? They scrutinize the heck out of everything else … and this is just going to fly for them? Think again. Once again NPZ defies logic. What gives? The problem already exists no matter who’s building what, so it is beyond comprehension that they want to off-load this on a developer. Do your job, install a light. It’s about safety, traffic flow, and ease of crossing a busy highway to make turns here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Robert

      At what time 2 am in the morning?? At evening rush hour it’s a nightmare! I know many people who agree on this. Many people cut through plaza parking lot so they don’t have to sit and wait for 5 minutes. traffic light definitely needed no matter what store is there!

    2. Boss and Mrs.Tweed

      What “mayor”? Does the mayor have a name? The elections were last Tuesday and no results have been announced in this paper? How long does it take the Village clerk to count the votes? Is the stop-light red at Village Hall and how long does it take to turn green?

  2. Ian, Patrick and Rod Stuart

    The County Industrial Development Association building and land for sale on 32 North would be the best place for this type of business. Tankers full of gasoline, twice as many with the proposed eight pumps, making deliveries would be isolated and less prone to accidents than the corner of 32 North and Henry W. with or without a traffic light. Dumpster trucks handle their job better at the old Gateway also. The County taxpayer could get some money back too. Plenty of parking at the old town hall site across the street, parking enough for an auxiliary fire-truck as well.

  3. Rezen Bowie

    When will the Village put sidewalks on Village owned property on the corner of Henry W. and Church Street? Pedestrians end up walking in the street right into oncoming traffic?

  4. Craig

    The new traffic light at the college with absolutely no intersection is the most ridiculous traffic light in all of New York state. If that can get approved than any light should be able to get approved. But I guess if it doesn’t involve coddling the college kids, it doesn’t matter.

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