Assistant DA: Saugerties teen’s collapse not related to opioid-laced marijuana

Left: a lethal dose of heroin; right: a lethal dose of fentanyl. (Photo: New Hampshire State Police Forensic Lab)

A Saugerties teen’s apparent drug-related collapse in Greene County last week set off a cavalcade of rumors throughout the community, but a top county law enforcement official said this week the incident had nothing to do with alleged fentanyl-laced marijuana said to be circulating in the area.

Ulster County Chief Assistant District Attorney Mike Kavanagh said Tuesday that lab tests found no trace of any opioids in the teen’s system.


“We heard the same rumors that this was fentanyl-laced marijuana, but that doesn’t appear to be the case,” said Kavanagh, who added that the teen was out of the hospital and recovering at home. “But that begs the question, if it wasn’t that, what was it? At this point we don’t know.”

Last month, the Sullivan County sheriff said a deputy confiscated fentanyl-laced marijuana from a man in the town of Thompson.

Last August, more than 70 people in Connecticut overdosed on synthetic marijuana laced with fentanyl, but there were no deaths.