Letter: Dumping issues in Saugerties neighborhood need to be addressed

We would like to follow up on the dire situation at 1446 Route 212 in Saugerties, a construction and demolition debris dump (subject of a story by Christina Coulter).

As you know, a Stop Work Order was issued on February 1 by the Town of Saugerties Code Enforcement Officer that is being appealed by Joseph Karolys, the dump’s owner. Dozens of tractor-trailers truck in waste each day, causing terrible truck traffic, deteriorating the recently re-paved Route 212, and possibly contaminating underground and surface water with illegal dumping at several locations.

As Saugerties taxpayers and owners of a home less than a quarter mile from the Fel Qui dump location, we are alarmed by this individual’s blatant disregard for the law. This reckless treatment of our precious environment, the dumping of untested debris from unknown origin (from over 100 miles away) could potentially contaminate our water and threaten our children’s health for decades to come.


There are many issues regarding the sites at 90 Goat Hill Road and 33/43 Fel Qui:

1. The dump violates the Town of Saugerties Municipal law Article 1 subsection 204.3 for bringing in construction and demolition debris from outside the town of Saugerties.

2. Joseph and Rachel Karolys at 1446 Route 212 in Saugerties have violated the terms of their registration with the Department of Environmental Conservation for receiving unauthorized waste and excessive dumping of construction and demolition debris.

3. Without the proper permit, they truck large amounts of untested debris to properties near streams, well heads, wetlands and schools. They do not have a Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan for any of the properties:

– 90 Goat Hill Road is located less than half a mile from the Sloan Gorge Preserve and two miles from Mountaintop and Pine Grove preschools, on a populated road.

– 33 and 43 Fel Qui (off John Joy Road) is across the street from Green Heron Farm (an educational center), one mile from the Woodstock Day School, near numerous residential properties and the Thorn Preserve.

4. According to the Stop Work Order, Joseph Karolys lacks a permit from the Department of Transportation for large trucks, yet continues to interrupt traffic and park large trucks on Rte. 212.

We will be in attendance at the public hearing April 1st at 7pm at the Senior Center 207 Market Street,  Saugerties. We hope you can cover this event and help support us and our neighbors in our efforts to uphold the Stop Work Order and prevent further damage to our community.

Grey and Ann Morris

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  1. Jaymes Nohns

    Good luck with that, I have been battling the Town of Saugerties and my neighbors junkyard for at least 15 years. The Town of Saugerties is not interested in investigating illegal junkyards and dumps. If you put up a doghouse without a permit…..they are right there though. Go figure. It makes it hard to live here.

  2. Guy DeGennaro

    The Green Heron Farm also has several fuel oil trucks on site as part of Ray Cullens fuel business being ran in a residential zone. How can ABC Fuels operate at an “educational center”, in such close proximity to the Woodstock Day School? Think of the potential contamination if there should be a fuel spill with multiple ponds and the Plattekill creek on the Green Heron Farm property.


    Omg ! Yeah,,, Let Saugerties grow gracefully my ass! It most likely has to do with some kind of corruption. Look what happened parell to Partition st behind Bella Luna . They filled in an estuary of the Esopus Creek ! For parking! Cut down trees not belonging to them! Who allowed that?!?

    1. Hank Thoreau

      The State’s DEC and the Federals allowed for that filling in of wetlands and protected creeks and brooks and tributaries, that’s how. There is a whole mechanism by which any protected waterways, etc. can be destroyed if the developer goes through proper channels along with the town/village’s engineer, planning board, zoning board, board of assessment review, assessor, elected officials, clerks, bureaucrats and bookkeepers. It’s a matter of public notice in the newspapers too. That’s how its done, really, and it’s great way of everybody making money at the expense of the duped. You can’t save anything natural unless you own it yourself, and even then, the pollutions seep in by land, sea and air.

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