Spring carnival will help fund Saugerties school clubs

The Saugerties school district will hold its second annual spring carnival this Saturday. The event serves as a fundraiser for clubs in the junior and senior high school. Last year, over 800 people came through the doors to play games, have fun, and learn about the various clubs across the district. 

Veronica Stinemire and Adile Jones are the faculty co-advisors for the carnival, which is run by student council and student government. “Not only are there the kids’ groups, there’s the PTSA, the STA,” said Stinemire. “It kind of brings everybody all together. It’s good for everybody to see, and everybody to work together. For this school to work, it does take everybody.”

“Disney” is this year’s theme, chosen by students, with each participating club responsible for its own money, its own prizes and its own concepts. 


Participating clubs and team this year include the cheer team (Tinkerbell Pixie Hollow), tenth grade government (The Little Mermaid), the Gay-Straight Alliance (Mulan), eleventh grade government (Tigger), junior high government (Lilo & Stitch), Spanish Club (Coco), French Club (Beauty and the Beast), Fishing Club (Finding Nemo), senior class student council (Monsters, Inc.), Mt. Marion Elementary, Cahill Elementary, girls’ soccer, boys’ tennis, girls’ tennis, ninth grade government, Drama Club (various Disney characters), and the STA (Dumbo)

Each group has at least one table. Some have many. Each table sells tickets for food and games, or does face painting to help raise funds for their club or team. 

The fundraiser is also about awareness. “Younger kids get to see the clubs that the high school offers for when they come up here,” said Stinemire. “We’re trying to get the kids all riled up about it.”

Coloring sheets of Disney characters were sent to elementary schools this week, dropping the price of a child’s admission from a dollar to 50 cents. Adult admission is $2. Entry fees are split between the Class of 2019 and the student council. 

The spring carnival will be this Saturday, March 30 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the cafeterias at the high school and the junior high gymnasium. 

“Last year was the first year, and we were surprised by how many people came,” said Stinemire. “This year we’re hoping for a good turnout.”