Final warning for renegade garbage pickup in village of New Paltz?

(Photo by Lauren Thomas)

At a recent New Paltz Village Board meeting, Trustee Dennis Young again announced that anyone receiving residential trash pickup through a company other than County Waste “will have service interruptions soon,” because “police are actively monitoring routes” to see who is violating the law by contracting with any other entity to do that job.

No tickets have been written yet, Chief Joseph Snyder of the town police has confirmed, but any that are will go to the driver of the truck. To make that possible, said Young, the officer must identify that driver. Community residents are being encouraged to call in reports of “rogue haulers” operating in New Paltz to the town or village clerk.

Despite there not yet being penalties imposed, Mayor Tim Rogers pronounced the town and village single-hauler laws “a success” because residents are reporting to him that there are fewer of the large, noisy trucks on the roads.


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  1. Nichole

    Yeah I am really enjoying saving $3 every month with county waste. I also really enjoy having to go out and clean up all the recycling they dump all over my road frontage.

  2. John Nickel

    Garbage pickup is totally run by the mob. It’s been that way forever in NY. New Paltz folks might want to take a look at the background of Mayor Rodgers, though a Syracuse mayor long ago tried to clean up that town and the day after taking office he was in the hospital beat to crap.

  3. Big bad rogue garbage haulers

    Can’t wait to vote those asshats out who orchestrated this. Shop local? Stick it where the sun don’t shine. My tax dollars are now paying the police to hunt down these criminal garbage haulers? If the town and village is soooo concerned about noise, how about going after these motorcycles that break the sound barrier at 2am when they rip down the roads?

  4. Ann

    Not that Waste Management is any better. They come at 5 am on a work day. Thanks! I need to try to get by on two hours’ less sleep!

  5. Jim Taylor

    Let’s put the little, local guys out of business. Hey Dennis now that the garbage ‘problem’ is solved let’s go after all those delivery trucks. UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS. Let’s go with the low bidder and ticket the rest too. They are just tearing up the roads. Why oh why? Plus all those pesky local businesses, let’s just legislate Walmart as the only store allowed. This just makes so much sense and you guys know best.

  6. LA

    So glad I don’t live in New Paltz! I use Cojnty Waste but as a homeowner, I should be able to use any company of my choosing!! This doesn’t sound like something that’s legal for the town to do.

  7. R. Stewart

    “Rogue haulers”…..this truly is the the most redicouls thing I have ever herd! Than, to ticket the poor bastards driving the trucks just trying to do there job. Way to go New Paltz.

  8. Thomas HASKIN

    Socialism folks starts only gets stronger. No matter your affiliation. More government is the wrong choice. What government controlled agency works? Freedom is dying in this country so sad.

  9. disgruntled

    Ever since they won monopoly rights in New Paltz, Country Waste’s service has been straining. They routinely miss scheduled pick ups. As I write, my garbage and recycling have been sitting by the curb for over 4 days. They missed the scheduled pick up, said they would pick up the next day, didn’t, and now no word on when the pick up will be. At this rate, they will probably skip the pick up altogether, like they did once before. In the monopoly contract with the town, is there a penalty clause that refunds customer for delayed or missed pick ups? Why am I paying for weekly pick ups when they keep missing pick ups?

  10. Terri Kraud

    I think this is actually ridiculous. Although I do use county waste I think residents of this town should have the right to choose what company they are comfortable with. I pay taxes in this town so please DO NOT tell me who can and can’t pick up my garbage.

  11. Val

    I lived in New Paltz and had Waste Management for years. Less expensive and more efficient than the idiots at County Waste. So glad I moved to Highland, there’s no monopoly on garbage collection. Then again leave it to the hippie dippy idiots to scream blue murder because there’s “too much noise” when their organic, fair trade gluten free garbage bags are picked up at a decent hour. Morons!

  12. Hugo the hawk

    What a goddamn joke, stupid liberals are ruining this state faster than before. What happened to the free market? Supply and demand will lower cost and increase effectiveness.

  13. Disgruntled

    SUNY New Paltz is enforcing a monopoly on garbage pick up? And giving all of the business to the mafia? What the actual heck?

  14. John Freer

    I just love this story.If the socialists running New Paltz were serious they would buy a truck and hire two civil service employees to pick it up.
    After all they think more government is the answer.
    Don’t pick winners and losers .Do it right or leave the little guys alone.
    What hypocrisy!

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