Andy Frasco & the UN to perform in Woodstock

Every now and then a middle-of-the-lineup Mountain Jam act – known, but maybe not so well or by so many – appeals so organically to the local vibe and taste that they immediately become welcomed fixtures in the local clubs, gain the support of our pair of independent radio tastemakers and find that they suddenly enjoy a pocket of committed and enthusiastic support in the mid-Hudson Valley, which, modest population notwithstanding, is nothing to sneeze at, given the region’s disproportionately rich musical legacy. Such is the case with Andy Frasco & the UN, who lit up 2018 Mountain Jam with a wild set or organ-fired funky rock ‘n’ roll led by an irrepressible entertainer who understands nothing of restraint. And good for him. With kindred rocker spirits Wild Adriatic in tow, Radio Woodstock presents Andy Frasco & the UN at Colony in Woodstock on Saturday, March 23. Tickets cost $20 and $40.

Andy Frasco & the UN, Saturday, Mar. 23, 8 p.m., $20/$40, Colony, 22 Rock City Rd., Woodstock,