New Paltz High School Principal Barbara Clinton to retire

Barbara Clinton

After a 48-year career in the New Paltz Central School District, New Paltz High School Principal Barbara Clinton is retiring, effective July 5.

This leaves the school district with three principals to hire for the 2019-2020 school year. Tarkan Ceng resigned as principal from Lenape Elementary School earlier this month after two years on the job, and following the retirement of Debra Hogencamp as principal of Duzine Elementary School last August, interim principal William Ball is currently at the helm, but is only slated to continue in that role through June 30.

At the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, March 13, Superintendent of Schools Maria Rice said the district will be hiring a recruitment specialist to assist in the hiring process. The board approved the cost to hire such a firm during executive session, she said, but the dollar amount to be paid was not disclosed publicly. Interviews with representatives of recruitment firms will be done on March 21 to find the best fit for the district, she added, noting the importance of finding consultants who will understand the particular needs and focus of the New Paltz School District.


Once the consulting firm helps to ascertain which attributes are most important in a new principal, focus groups of parents and teachers will be formed to continue the hiring process, with the final decisions to be made by Rice and the board.

Clinton was presented with a bouquet of flowers at the board meeting, where Rice noted that Clinton was “the best principal I’ve ever worked with.” Board member Glenn LaPolt, employed as a teacher in another school district, said that having Barbara Clinton as his teacher years ago during his years as a student at New Paltz High School was what inspired him to enter the field of education.

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  1. John Galt

    And she’ll take her $100,000+ annual pension and heath benefits for the rest of her life and ride in to the sunset. Thank you, property owners. Oh, wait, no one ever thanks the property owners, do they?

  2. Mary Bennett

    Barbara Clinton was a dedicated public servant who worked hard for every penny the taxpayers ever provided for her salary. New Paltz was fortunate to have such a stellar advocate and visionary educator in their midst.

  3. Deb

    Barbara Clinton has always had the interests of the students at heart. Not an individual but the whole of the student body. She has also gone above and beyond for individuals in need. Barbara has worked long hours and many weekends for “her kids”. While I didn’t agree 100 % with all of her decisions, I believe her choices were correct for the district and students. Through PTA I got to know her and admire her. She deserves a long healthy retirement and enjoy all that she has achieved for the students, the district and herself. No one will be able to fill in her high heels.

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