County Legislature District 22 rematch: Nolan vs. Parete

Kathy Nolan and John Parete.

Ulster County Republicans have selected John Parete, still a registered Democrat, to run against Democrat Kathy Nolan, incumbent legislator for District 22, comprising Olive, Shandaken, Denning, and Hardenburgh. Parete, who served as a legislator for six years, including a stint as chair, lost to Nolan in the 2017 election in a three-way race that hinged on absentee ballots for a final verdict. Nolan prevailed by 60 votes in the final tally after trailing by 20 in election night returns. Earlier, Parete had lost primaries — to Nolan for the Democratic line and to Cliff Faintych of Denning for the Republican ticket slot. Parete ran on the Conservative and Independence Party lines.

In her first term, Nolan has served on the Public Health, Public Works, and Trails and Rail Committees, as well as working as a liaison to Healthy Ulster. “I feel good about some expanded job opportunities in the area generally, and specifically in my district,” she said. “I’ve done a lot of work to expand trails and trail networks, and we’ve seen new businesses that seem to be springing up in relation to them, new cafés and other increases in tourism revenue.” 

She cited the business activity stimulated by Rail Explorers during their first year in Phoenicia. The Ashokan Rail Trail is more than halfway completed and scheduled to open this year, with trailheads in proximity to commercial areas in Boiceville and Shokan. Nolan considers the promotion of outdoor recreation not only a health benefit for residents but a source of jobs and tourism income for the region. “When we construct new trails and link up trails, it invites longer-distance tourism. We’ve made improvements and restoration of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, and we’re working on construction to connect the Walkway Over the Hudson to New Paltz.”


Nolan has supported the establishment of electric vehicle charging stations both to benefit the environment and make the area attractive to “the increasing proportion of the traveling public using electric vehicles. I’ve also made efforts to improve access through the rural transit system.” Mountain biking trails are on the increase at Jockey Hill near Kingston, in Wawarsing, and in the future, at Belleayre Ski Center.  

She was among those legislators pushing the county to offer film production tax credits, which has boosted film production in the area. Besides the creation of jobs in the film industry, benefits include the opportunity for people to list their properties as sites for shooting.

Nolan sponsored legislation to protect young teens from nicotine addiction by raising the age to purchase tobacco products in Ulster County and helped to pass Ulster County’s forthcoming ban on single-use plastic bags. She also worked to improve broadband and other communication services to the remote areas of western Ulster County.

Her previous experience working with environmental and watershed groups in the community makes her “able to improve communication with those groups, in the spirit of accomplishing things together. I’ve helped bring that spirit to the county government, helping people understand each other and work together.”

Housing, opioids, ORDA

“I’ve had conversations with people around here who encouraged me to run again,” said Parete, speaking from his business, the Boiceville Inn. “They’re not getting the representation they think they’re entitled to, especially concerning jobs and housing. They’re concerned about the short-term rental industry squeezing out opportunities for people to rent or buy homes, and opportunities for people registered in the hospitality industry to exist.”  

He feels the opioid issue is a major problem that needs addressing. “The legislature down there talks a good story about it, but the young people are being consumed by this. They have to be treated as infrastructure that we repair and maintain. The state and Governor Cuomo have done a good job making facilities available for folks who are addicted, but we have to be concerned with awareness. We have to look up a level to fund it, but we have to take action on our own. I have ideas on how to leverage money from the state and federal government to educate people.”

With the district lying within the New York City watershed, he sees continued cooperation with the city as vital to the region. “I don’t think there’s any problem with jobs and business going hand in hand with making sure our environment is clean. I’d like to see the State of New York and the city fund more water treatment facilities.”

As a member of the ORDA board, he is pleased with the state’s investment in jobs at Belleayre, where the state has spent $23 million on gondolas, trails, snowmaking, and improving the environment by replacing diesel with electric-powered equipment.

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  1. Peter R Baker

    John is by far the better choice to represent not only his constituents in District #22 but those who live in Ulster County. He puts Party affiliation aside when it comes to voting. he has voted for what is best for ALL of UC. Thanks John, You have my support.

  2. Steven L. Fornal

    John Parete is the man who made a deal with the Republican MINORITY in order to become Legislative Chairman. So, when the county voters finally had a Democrat majority, John single-handedly (well, along with his son Richard) quashed democracy by allowing control to remain in the hands of a Republican MINORITY. That alone should be enough to vote against him. If you need more, how about his and Legislator Donaldson’s attempt to have county taxpayers pony up $3 million for the old family court building (presumably for old friend Garraghan) when it sold within a year for only $1.1 million? Or their lawsuit to stop the referendum re new court facility from going through, costing taxpayers yet again more money?

    Kathy Nolan, on the other hand, has fearlessly fought over-reach by developers and ineptitude of local review boards in order to keep nature natural and the process legal. Again, that alone should be enough to vote for Ms. Nolan.

  3. LT

    Kathy Nolan cares about her constituents and our Democracy. Mr. Parete is a divider. He seeks to always vote against democracy and flip flops his party votes. He’ s not to be trusted and I can’t believe he would want to run again.

  4. ITR

    LT, Cliff Faintych was the “Divider” who took just enough votes away from Parete the last election for him to lose. Parete would have easily beat Nolan otherwise. It’s obvious after watching the last 2 years why Mr Parete would run again. As for Ms Nolan, She doesn’t have Mike Hein to stand next to anymore and looks lost.

  5. John Ferro

    Kathy Nolan helped destroy our historic railroad corridor! She is no good! And the fact that she gave tax breaks to movie industries to film here and caused local people going to work massive inconvenience to kingston is just rediculous! What the hell is that doing for us? Nothing stressing people out! A functioning historic railroad from kingston to Delaware wold bring in way more revenue, jobs and businesses to this area than a tax payer maintained trail!.

  6. Private

    Nolan holds deep seated prejudices against small business and is the opposite of what this County needs. She was a mercenary for Hein and her time to leave has come.

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