Former and current SUNY students charged with hiding a body

New York City police have charged a SUNY New Paltz student, her boyfriend and another woman with dumping the body of the boyfriend’s mother after her death last week. Officers believe that Jared Eng, a 22-year-old who attended SUNY New Paltz up until last semester, killed his mother and then enlisted his girlfriend Caitlin O’Rourke — currently a New Paltz student — and another woman to help conceal the body.

According to published reports, authorities posit that Eng’s mother, Paula Chin, planned on tossing her son out of her home, and during a fight, he allegedly slashed her throat in that Tribeca apartment on January 31. Surveillance footage shows a “duffel bag-like container” being put in the trunk of Chin’s vehicle, and in it the 65-year-old victim was transported to Morristown, NJ, where she had owned a second home. Together with co-defendant Jennifer Lopez, Eng and O’Rourke allegedly dumped the corpse in a dumpster. Blood and Chin’s clothing were found in the trunk, while investigators discovered her body and rubber gloves bloodied by the deed in the garbage and blood stains on the garage floor in Morristown.

Melissa Kaczmarek, communications director at the college, confirmed that Eng first attended the university in 2015 but didn’t enroll for this semester, and that O’Rourke was enrolled this semester and has been a student since 2016.


All three were arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court, as that’s where the initial crime is believed to have taken place, with concealing a human corpse and tampering with physical evidence. O’Rourke and Lopez have yet to post bail — $25,000 and 100,000, respectively — while Eng wasn’t even given the option as the investigation into his suspected matricide continues.