Letters: Taking down the Pike Plan a bad idea

Avoid another fiasco

The Pike Plan is now part of the character and uniqueness of the Stockade District. Tourists and visitors now expect to see the covered walkways of the Pike Plan on Wall and North Front streets in Kingston. I am surprised that the mayor and aldermen are even considering tearing the Pike Plan down. If it were torn down, it would join the demolition of old Post Office on Broadway as another Kingston fiasco.

Ralph Mitchell


Keep the Pike Plan

It occurred to me today due to the wonderful weather we are having that if the Pike Plan was to be removed permanently the two Uptown blocks that share it would be a mess.  Landlords would have to make sure that the sidewalks in front of their buildings would need to be cleared of snow and de-iced for the safety of everyone who uses these streets.

Odds of that happening on a timely and consistent basis are not exactly good as many people do not clear their sidewalk in front of their buildings. Some not at all. I know as I live and work in the Uptown area and have for the past 25 years. I wonder who becomes legally responsible should someone get hurt? This would be another reason why people will avoid coming to this area.


Sue Rogers

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  1. Margie Taylor

    The Canopies are a good thing and we should keep them.
    Solving the issues needen’t be as complicated or as costly as some would have us believe.
    There are many political agendas at play wanting to see them go away.
    That will be a huge mistake.
    The Stockade has an amazing momentum happening, new businesses, new jobs, new revenue,
    new visitors both locally and tourists…remove the canopies and we take a step backward. Let’s not.
    Pretty sure if you can leap frog over the politics the fix is simple.
    Re-seal the length of the canopies at building facades – owners who don’t keep their buildings in
    the best shape need to contribute $ and access…that’s part of the problem, bad owners.
    Then run a simple continuous length of off-the-shelf metal flashing from Herzog’s (I can run and pick
    it up for you if that helps)…and install about 1/4 inch above the re-sealed seams. Use flashing that is
    about 2-3 inches wide and this will deflect the rain and snow melt outward onto the roofs of the canopies,
    and then down the drain it goes.
    It’s a simple solve that shouldn’t cost more than $10,000 if done right.

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