Old Navy ships out of Hudson Valley Mall, but movies should return in the spring

If you’re looking for Old Navy, look a little further south. The retail clothing chain closed up shop in the Hudson Valley Mall last week, re-opening at Kings Mall in a space formerly occupied by Modell’s Sporting Goods, another retail chain.

Coles H. Doyle of the marketing and operations divisions of Hudson Valley Mall owner Hull Property Group, said they were sorry to see Old Navy go, but were pleased with where the mall is, and where it’s going.

“We hate to have any tenant leave, either through relocation or leaving the market,” said Doyle in an e-mail. “Having said that, the mall maintains a strong lineup of retail tenants to include Target, Best Buy, Dicks, Shoe Department Encore and several others.”


The Hull Property Group completed the purchase of the Hudson Valley Mall in early January for $8.1 million, around 12 percent of the property’s most recent assessment value.

The mall has suffered further vacancies since Hull Property Group took ownership, but they’ve also begun filling in some space as well. In November, the Ulster Town Board granted site plan approval to Health Quest in the company’s bid to open a medical facility in the former Macy’s at the Hudson Valley Mall, a $20 million project that would cost around $20 million to complete and might not be finished for two years.

In the current plan, the space formerly occupied by Macy’s will be separated from the rest of the mall during construction and renovation, with roughly 40,000 square feet of the existing 110,000 square feet earmarked for demolition, leaving a space of around 90 feet between the Health Quest facility and the southern portion of the mall that the owner of the mall, the Hull Property Group, reportedly plans to fill in with grass.

Macy’s left the Hudson Valley Mall in 2016, and while their former space appears to be spoken for, the location of two other former retail hubs in the shopping center remain vacant. J.C. Penney left in 2015, while Sears departed last year.

In August 2018, Regal Cinemas shuttered its 12-screen theater in the Hudson Valley Mall, leaving the immediate area without a first-run cinema for the first time in decades. But local film buffs should be pleased to learn that a new theater is scheduled to open in its place in early April.

“The theater is being transformed into a luxury seating theater with new amenities and will open this spring as NCG Theater, which will be a significant improvement,” said Doyle.

Doyle said that Hull Property Group remains committed to its plans to revitalize the mall. “After the recent interior remodel and with the upcoming tenant additions, the mall still provides a wonderful retail/entertainment environment which will continue to attract new tenants,” Doyle said. “The good news is the mall has the space and ability to accommodate new restaurants, entertainment and retail concepts and we are excited about the continued redevelopment of the property.”

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  1. mark

    seems the day of the shopping mall has past and people have found other ways to get their stuff. time to start thinking about repurposing this location. nice views of the catskills from there.

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