Rosendale chimney fire leads to seizure of 12 pounds of pot

A 40-year-old Rosendale man is in jail after a Sunday morning chimney fire led to the discovery of an indoor marijuana grow operation.

Yesterday morning at around 6:30 a.m., the Rosendale Fire Department responded to a chimney fire at 359 Main St. Firefighters extinguished the fire with no damage to the residence and no injuries reported. The home was occupied by the caller and resident, Vance Riley.

While inside the residence, the fire department located an indoor marijuana growing and processing operation and notified Rosendale Police. Detectives from the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office and investigators from the Ulster Regional Gang Enforcement Narcotics Team were also called to assist. A search warrant was obtained and a search of the residence yielded about twelve pounds of marijuana, a rifle, shotgun, and other equipment for growing marijuana, packaging material and records.


Police said the street value of the seized marijuana is estimated at $10,000.

Riley was arraigned in the Town of Rosendale Justice Court and remanded to the Ulster County Jail without bail to reappear on a later date.


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  1. legal pot NY

    Totally insane to jail people for marijuana possession, at any level. No legal pot in New York? how funny, what a laughing joke to actually arrest a person for weed, how insane is that?

    Redneck Rosendale N.Y. Where are all the Rosendale hippies???

  2. Honda450

    That is Rosendale for you! The Town clerks brother was busted for growing weed and it got swept under the rug.They should disban the Rosendale police and let the state police do the job

    The money wasted on the police could go to the fire department!

    The drugs on main street in the Town of Rosendale are out of control

    Well done Rosendale fire Vance has been selling and growing drugs out of the same house for the last 25+ years this should slow him down

    I used to buy weed from that house in the 1990`s right off main street Lol

    maybe this new sheriff can take over Rosendale and save the tax payers money

    1. Love Rosendale

      First off the Town Clerks brother charges did not get swept under the rug and Rosendale Police did not arrest him. What her brother does has nothing to do with her. You should really get your facts straight before you go and say things. The Town Clerk is amazing and does her job and no one has a perfect family. The records are public so you’re more than welcome to go look and see what happened with that case yourself. Rosendale Police Department does more than you will ever know.

  3. Love Rosendale

    First off Honda450 people can not control what their family does. It was not swept under the rug and you can go to the Rosendale Court yourself and find out as all records are public. The Town Clerk is amazing and does a wonderful job. You can not pick your family and people make mistakes. Learn your facts and don’t bring the Town Clerk into things that have nothing to do with her. The Rosendale Police Department does an amazing job and they had nothing to do with that case either. Good job posting false news.

    1. Jane

      Your name shows you to be a pathetic ignorant bullying sort. Have at it, but don’t think anyone is listening.

  4. Ernest T Bass

    No bail? Seems rather draconian. Nine out of 10 people around here have a rifle or shotgun, so unless he’s a felon in possession of a firearm (which is not mentioned in the story) what’s the reason for no bail?

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