McGloughlin steps down as Woodstock School of Art president

Nancy Campbell, Kate McGloughlin and Staats Fasoldt. (Photo by Dion Ogust)

Kate McGloughlin, artist/teacher and the face of the Woodstock School of Art to many, is as good a storyteller as her native Catskills have produced. 

“I had just finished writing the annual ‘state of the school’ report this October and realized we had accomplished everything we set out to do, and then some, when I took over as president,” she recently noted, listing various building renovations, growth in enrollment, balanced financial operation, and the establishment of a scholarship program for area high school and college-age artists, among various achievements. “I knew at that moment that the school was in great shape and it was time for me to step aside.”


Kate McGloughlin gone from the WSA? Wouldn’t that be like removing the Angeloch name from the institution’s history?

Hold your horses…

“I’ll still serve on the executive committee of the board of directors,” McGloughlin added.

Replacing her as new presidents of the Woodstock School of Art board of directors will be longstanding WSA instructor Staats Fasoldt and former School of Art executive director Nancy Campbell, also a longtime instructor.

“Nancy Campbell and Staats Fasoldt have been vice presidents for years, and have been devoted to the school for decades — they will by a dynamic team and a steadying force at the School for the foreseeable future. Together with Nina Doyle, our amazing executive director, they will continue to aim the school in the right direction and keep the wonderful vibe that exists there,” McGloughlin said. “They’ll handle the day to day stuff with Nina and the staff. They’re both powerhouses in their own right, but together, they will be a really strong team, as they’ve been good friends for years, and have a mutual respect for each other…so, basically, the love fest at The Woodstock School of Art continues. They’ll be terrific!”

“For almost a decade Kate McGloughlin tirelessly provided leadership for the Woodstock School of Art as the Board of Directors President…Kate’s touched many people with her warm and encouraging demeanor,” added Doyle, the WSA executive director. “As the Executive Director it has truly been my pleasure to get to work in tandem with Kate to achieve our mission: to offer high quality, affordable instruction in fine art; maintain stewardship of its unique and historic buildings for continued use as an art school; and provide opportunities which engage the community in allied arts activities and exhibitions.”

Both Fasoldt and Campbell expressed thanks to McGloughlin for the work she’s done for the school they’ve given so much to over the years, and which has been a major force for McGloughlin for decades. (She will continue teaching and leading the WSA print studio).

“First we hope to continue the extraordinary job Kate did, but we probably won’t be able to. Secondly we hope not to do anything really stupid,” said Fasoldt. “We want to enlarge the Board of Directors and bring in some new ideas and younger members. We have plans to restore The Barn, our student housing building and perhaps repurpose it as an Artists in Residence space. We also hope to give our Director Nina Doyle the tools she needs to continue the great job she has been doing. She’s a firecracker!”

“Sharing the role and duties as president with Staats will be a pleasure,” said Campbell. “Staats has been with the WSA through thick and thin, has helped craft and guide the philosophy and policies of the school, and has inspired hundreds of students during his 35 years as a watercolor instructor, and is himself one of the finest artists of the Mid-Hudson region…We’ll serve as guides, ensuring the WSA remains true to its mission and maintaining our place in the community as a school for fine art for generations to come.”

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