Woodstock Christmas Tree was a rescue

(Photo by Dion Ogust)

Woodstock continues it mission to be greener, extending it to the Christmas Tree on the Village Green. The tree was recycled, not senselessly cut down only to be tossed shortly after the holiday season — or as Geezer Corps and town Councilman Lorin Rose said, “It was saved from death row.”

It just so happened the City of Kingston Water Department was doing some site work to prepare the Cooper Lake dam for repairs. The tree was among other vegetation that would have otherwise been fed through a wood chipper and Kingston offered it to the town.

The Geezer Corps came to the rescue, saving the tree from its violent demise with the help of Bob Bloomer from La Tree Removal and loading it into Rose’s truck. Maintenance Department employee Shea Cocks and Highway Superintendent Mike Reynolds assisted in placing the tree on the green.


Rose conceded people have complained this year’s tree is small, but defended it, saying it is “nicely proportional” and is a good fit.

The Geezer Corps, whose motto is “Doing good things for Woodstock until we keel over,” is made up of Rose, Councilman Richard Heppner, former Planning Board member Tom Unrath and former Environmental Commission Chairman Jim Hanson. They have worked on many projects including the new home for the Keegan Bell rescued from the Mescal Hornbeck Community Center, the information kiosk near the Comeau Preserve trails and a memorial for former Supervisor Jeremy Wilber.

The town will gather near the tree and along Tinker Street as it awaits the annual parade and Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve after 5 p.m.