The return of The Woodstock Pub

(Photo by Dion Ogust)

Before the Landau Grill, and its closing this past October after 22 years in business, what stood at 17 Mill Hill Road was the Woodstock Pub.

According to the site’s new owners Chris Constant, James Constant and Jennifer Ahearn, who grew up in town (their father worked with Albert Grossman’s Bearsville Records for years) and bought the old drinking hole “two weeks and a day ago” the week after Thanksgiving, what was the Landau will again be The Woodstock Pub when it reopens next spring.

“The plan is to bring back something for the locals,” said Chris Constant. “We’re looking to serve pub fare with a Mediterranean flair, featuring Greek and Italian nights each week in honor of our heritage, all priced so people don’t have to mortgage their homes to eat and drink there.”


Renovations are currently underway, with a March 1 re-opening date in mind. An application for two new apartments upstairs is underway before the Woodstock Planning Board, alongside some exterior changes including upgrading of the place’s popular (and large) streetside porch. 

“Inside we’ll be tearing down the wainscoting, redoing the floors and bathrooms, and adapting for handicap use,” Chris continued. “We’ve been working with Les and Jess Walker as our architects, and Safe Bet Builders to get the job done. Everything’s geared to the local.”

Chris said that he worked at The Bear Café when younger, has done quite a bit of management work around the area, and has been cooking since he was 11. He’s hired a chef, who he can’t name yet, but will be aiding her and her staff in the kitchen. He also remembers having his first drink at the old Woodstock Pub…while still underage.

Brother James, he added, worked for years at The Red Onion, and worked restaurants as a waiter and manager before going into psychiatry, which he’s recently retired from. Sister Jennifer, now a dental hygienist, worked for years at The Reservoir Inn in West Hurley.

“We all love good food and hospitality, and love our hometown of Woodstock,” Constant Chris added. “We’re very excited to give back to the town with a family-friendly place where you can kick back with friends and even watch the game on a Sunday.”

Funny how history moves.

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  1. cecilia fasano

    I am so happy to hear this. On many levels. I worked with Steve Constant at Bearsville, and was there when he moved his family to Woodstock. Steven’s beautiful wife brought warmth, family tradition, and GOOD FOOD to us all, and so I am sure this new Woodstock Pub will be everything we hope it will be! Good luck and blessings to you all.

  2. Ralph childers

    Oh happy days! I have lived in Saugerties since the mid 60’s. Sure sounds like this family is on the right track. I can remember the Woodstock of my early days in ulster county. Great family restaurants that you didn’t have to be wealthy to bring the kids to. I hope these folks are setting a trend. I wish them the best. My kids are all living away now, but I’ll be back as a customer when they open the doors!

  3. Richard Frisbie

    I remember Gus’s delicious garlic steak and Patrick’s generous pour. I even remember before that when it was the Irvington! It will be nice to see some of old Woodstock returned . . . Best of Luck to you all!

  4. Ellen Katz

    Good luck Chris , James and Jennifer. We have know you guys for a long time. Looking forward to your opening. Wishing you the best.

    The Katz family

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