Police: Kingston swastika graffiti done by juveniles for “shock value”

Kingston Police say four 12-year-olds are responsible for painting offensive graffiti on buildings on Sunday, Oct. 21 and did it for “shock value rather than hate.”

Police said it was important to share this information with the public following the shooting last Saturday that killed 11 at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

The Kingston graffiti included backwards swastikas, “666”, stars, and other tags.


According to police: “The investigation into the crime, corroborated by evidence, showed that the graffiti was sprayed where it was convenient. They were not spreading an ideology or belief, nor were they targeting any one individual, group, or entity in particular. Although this crime struck many emotions in our community, it was not motivated by bias of race, sex, religion or other prejudice.”

Police said the investigation was ongoing and no further information would be released at this time.

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  1. Patriot, Voter, Taxpayer

    Here’s the answer to this insane exhibit by mindless kids who’ve been influenced somewhere in the their lives, perhaps at home, that this kind of action is OK. It isn’t OK, so I’d mandate they have to attend the funerals of the 11 Jewish worshipers executed in Pittsburgh by a White Supremecist-Nationalist; that they be forced to sit and see the crime scene photos of each body’ that they be forced to then write a five-page report on the lives of each of the individuals murdered in Pittsburgh.

    We have got to get to a place of zero tolerance and 100% responsibility on the lunatic fringe issues unfolding
    in this country. We have absolutely no leadership in the White House; the White House seems more than happy to poke, prod, bully and create the triggers for many of the horrible crimes we’re seeing committed; and if this
    is a group of 12-year olds doing this who think for some reason this is OK – then we need to get ferocious about educating that it is not.

    I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you live in; we are drifting quickly into a very dangerous space in this country and it is, even if you don’t want to hear it, inspired by Nazi-ism; hate; White Supremicy; Nationalism.
    (Nationalsim is not patriotism, love of country, or an act of self-defense against outside forces. Nationlism is racism and elitism at its worst, manipulated to harm non-white people. Period. No other definition. No debate. No excuses. No rationalisations.)

  2. Lea Cullen Boyer

    Post the story but not the images. By posting the images you give these tween toads exactly what they want… a moment of fame. Stop helping recruit lost souls to the evil and the stupid side of life by giving them space on your website for this crap. You are complicit in posting these images multiple times.

  3. Lea Cullen Boyer

    Also BS to the “Not a Hate Crime” rhetoric… We need a new Sheriff, someone who will take hate crimes for hate crimes. If these kids were 16 and they assaulted a girl would they say “Boys will be Boys?”

    Permanent record for these toads.

  4. Southern Sawyer

    I believe it was KPD investigating this, what does this have to do with a “new sheriff??

    As part of their sentence if convicted the parents should be held responsible for the cost of restoration.

    Maybe then parents will start standing up and raising a family and not just “having kids”.

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