Money sought for New Paltz flag mural

Money is being raised to paint a mural of the flag on the side of La Bella Pizza Bistro in New Paltz

New Paltz Middle school students on their way for an after-school snack will walk by a painting of the flag, if money to paint one on the side of La Bella Pizza Bistro is successfully raised. Tim Rogers launched an online crowdfunding campaign this week to do precisely that. His online pitch reads in part, “Individuals from across New Paltz who might not always see eye to eye politically have been working together on a fundraiser to support a permanent mural installation in New Paltz featuring our U.S. flag. No singular ideology or worldview can lay claim to what our flag means and represents,” which he believes is encapsulated by the phrase, “with liberty and justice for all.”

Rogers, who serves as mayor of the Village of New Paltz, confirmed that no public funds are being sought to hire an artist to paint such a mural. The target amount is $5,000, roughly a third of which had been pledged by Monday afternoon.


The campaign can be found on by searching for “New Paltz flag mural.”

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    1. Brett Kozinn

      Seriously? It literally says “…working together on a fundraiser to support a permanent mural installation in New Paltz featuring our U.S. flag.”

      Regardless, what would be the problem with other flags being painted?

      1. bill m.

        A Flag Painted on the side of a building looks Low class, sort of “ghetto cheap”

        Go paint things on your own property, public property demands a democratic public vote.

        example the horrible painting by Bacchus front door of the ridge, really looks horrible cheap, who ever approved it is insane.

        Surprised Bacchus would allow such trash painted in broad view of their establishment, who knows maybe Bacchus painted it themselves?

        What can we say about drunks and alcoholic drinking establishments.

        Best to keep the Ghetto Street painting in Brooklyn, Bronx, and filthy Queens where it belongs with its namesake population.

  1. Rodger npz

    No Way, hang A real Flag, painting Buildings with poor quality art looks Cheap And very Ghetto.

    The awful painting of the ridge in front of Bacchus really looks horrible.

    Keep that in Brooklyn N.Y. Keep Your Cheap Graffiti in Brooklyn, Bronx ect…

    N.Y.C. is loaded with Ghetto Graffiti, really makes NYC look cheap and ghetto, keep it there……

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