Kingston After Dark: Positive manifestation

Globelamp, one of our newest neighbors.

In case you were somehow in the dark on this, O-Positive is a Kingston-based cultural and wellness organization that supports the health of underinsured artists and musicians. This coming weekend, running from Oct. 5-7, marks the ninth installment of the popular festival which exchanges wellness services for the art and performances of those participating. The bulk of the city will burst with color, music and vibrant energy this weekend, so come be part of the festivities and celebrate the progressive future of our city. In this week’s Kingston After Dark we continue to showcase some participating creative artists and entertainers. It’s one of the most diverse celebrations of the beloved festival yet. (Editor’s note: Look for Morgan’s other piece on this year’s fest on our website, …)

“We’re psyched to be a part of the festival, and it’s especially cool that we get to play the historic Stockade Tavern,” says Jeremy Swift of pro-trans Woodstock blues-infused rockers The Beautiful Bastards. “They have a great vibe for our old-school rock and psychedelic soul, and it’s only on festival weekends that they gear up to host a show like this. It’s also coming at a good time since we are about to release our new single, ‘Fabian,’ which we are super-excited about.”

NPR celebrated Brooklyn-based electronic indie band Balún self-identify as transnational. Best known for “La Nueva Ciudad,” one of Latin tastemakers Remezcla’s 10 Best Songs of 2016, it was also Spotify Latino’s Song of the Day and broke into the Viral Charts globally and in eight countries including Spain, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.


Balún will make their first O-Positive appearance this weekend.

“O+ Festival is a new experience for us and we’re honored to be a part of this year’s edition,” says Jose Olivares, speaking for the group. “We’ve never participated in a festival whose message and purpose is to help artists and at the same time raise health and wellness awareness. Being a performer is a physically demanding activity and we’re glad that there are festivals like O-Positive looking out for artists and local communities. It feels good to know they have our backs and we are very excited to share our dreambow!”

“Before even coming to upstate New York, I heard about the O-Positive festival,” says outspoken West Coast psych-folk performer turned Kingston resident Globelamp (a.k.a. Elizabeth “Le Fey” Gomez). “That is the type of blood I have.”

Gomez is days away from the release of her third acoustic freak folk/emo-infused album Romantic Cancer on artist-focused Philly boutique label Nefarious Industries. The album also features local hero James Felice of The Felice Brothers on accordion and was recorded in the Catskills last winter as the next step in healing from her difficult time as an ex-member of the influential indie band Foxygen. She has long alleged she was physically assaulted by the band’s singer and her ex, Sam France, told she had to be an unpaid girlfriend and other horrors but has not gotten much justice from the industry, perhaps due to few wanting to rock the boat with such a big label as Foxygen’s prominent home on Jagjaguwar (also home to Angel Olsen, Bon Iver and numerous other acts who have all been strangely silent about comfortably sharing a label with a guy who allegedly punched out a woman’s teeth and who has dodged any sort of deep scrutiny and accountability on the subject for years beyond a lazy shrug and denial).

As such it has been very nice for her to find a new, thriving arts community with kind residents and a festival themed on inclusivity and healing. “Shadow” is the official theme this year and she looks forward to bringing forth light out of her songs about daring to love after hardship and reclaiming her narrative. Art continues to inspire. 

“I love the murals around Kingston that have been done each year and hope to see more be put up around the city,” Gomez adds. “What makes Kingston so unique is how old some of the buildings are — it’s nice to mix that with a bit of modern art that reflects the times we are living in. O-Positive carves a much-needed space out for musicians and shines light on a subject often overlooked, forgotten about and left in the shadows — our health.”

Get deep into your own mind

Delilah Jones will be at outdated café on Wall Street on Saturday from 5-7 p.m. running an intuitive collage workshop exploring the subconscious! 

Jones (who is on Instagram as “Truth Magic”) is my favorite visual artist participating this year, evoking deep emotions from various visual cues and a strong sense of color and simple composition.

“I’m beyond excited to share the healing powers of collage with my local community during the O-Positive festival,” Jones says. “By tapping into the subconscious we can intuitively navigate unknown spaces while crafting surreal narratives and new unique worlds. Collage can be an incredibly therapeutic medicine to explore our inner landscapes and waking dreams, and I’m looking forward to sharing these fun and inspiring tools during the festival.”