Letter: Can John Faso count on racism?

John Faso is making his congressional race about skin color rather than issues that affect our lives, like education, and health care, and the environment. This week’s Washington Post article underscores Faso’s re-election strategy that uses lyrics from a hip-hop album that Delgado made eleven years ago to discredit him as a qualified candidate.

Antonio Delgado, a Rhode Scholar and a graduate of Harvard Law School defends his old music and explains that “issues like income inequality, issues like gender equality, issues like the pollution of our environment and climate change — these are all issues that I talked about back then as an artist that I’m now talking about” as a candidate.

Faso’s friend, SUNY New Paltz professor Gerald Benjamin, famously said that “People like us, people in rural New York, we are not people who respond to this part of American culture.” As a retired public school teacher and a “rural New Yorker,” I am a person who does respond to this part of American culture.  I reject John Faso and his racist campaign. Show him that he can’t count on racism to win District 19 — we’re better than that!


Meg Clark-Goldhammer
Ulster Park


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  1. jim dandy

    The left’s campaign strategy:
    Leftist 1: “Should we debate issues like health care, minimum wage, global warming?”
    Leftist 2: “Hmmm, too risky. If we engage Republicans on those issues, we risk voters possibly agreeing with them. It’s possible not everyone wants to make the transition to a socialist country. Instead, let’s respond to everything they do by calling them racists, even if the issue has no obvious connection to race. We can connect anything to race. Anything economic not geared toward helping lower-income people? Racist because minorities have lower incomes. Not supporting a single-payer health care system? Racist because more minorities are uninsured. Not supporting amnesty for immigrants who crossed the border illegally and put down roots? Obviously a dog whistle for white nationalism. Once we brand a Republican a racist we don’t have to debate them because we don’t legitimize racists. It makes the choice clear!
    Leftist 1: Brilliant!

  2. Thanks Meg

    Golly, I didn’t know that Faso was a racist. I was going to vote for the italian guy but now that I know that Faso is a racist, he’s got my vote. Is Faso also a woman hater or a sexual preditor, or do we have to wait until a week before election day for that story?

  3. Jp

    If we can discredit Kavanuagh as a Supreme Court justice for an alleged incident that happened over 35 years ago, than we can discredit a person on record running as a congressman from 11 years ago talking down to women and police. It’s not all one way!

  4. JamaicaonHudson

    I’m not sure if John Faso is a racist or just a shameless opportunist? However, the PAC ads are racist–and he hasn’t denounced them…I tend to think that’s due to his self-serving nature. In anycase, that’s not the reason I’m not voting for him. Personally, I’m not voting for John Faso because he’s been an awful representative. He hasn’t met in any meaniful way with the constituency, or the local press; doesn’t bother to keep regular hours or provide a public schedule. How can anyone say that a representative who refuses to meet with (or even relate to) his constituents is providing adequate representation?

    The past two years, Faso basically ran off to Washington to be a lobbyist for the Trump Administration. He’s only recently popped up again for reelection purposes. Frankly, the man acts as if he doesn’t even like the district–which would be his prerogative IF he wasn’t representing us.

    So, yeah, I’m pretty much not enthused with his job performance and I’m not looking to continue his employment (here, at least).

  5. Bruce E. Woych

    “John Faso, the Kinderhook Republican who continues to do more or less whatever Donald Trump and Paul Ryan tell him to.” [Times Herald-Record, Editorial, 6/12/17]

    Evan Lukaske, DCCC regional press secretary Date: June 26, 2018
    Re: The Case Against John Faso

    Where is Faso on Human Rights abuse at the border? That goes into real time anguish. Faso voted against legislation that would have stopped the separation of children under 21 from their parents (see :John Faso voted Nay on this Legislation.https://votesmart.org/bill/24733/63246/4311/securing-americas-future-act-of-2018#.W5-NaWdef4Z).
    The issues are clear and Faso is clearly avoiding and evading all of them, and like Trump, has a campaign strategy of degrading innuendo and distraction from his failed service to the community, our county, our District and our State. Let’s stay on the issues. My compliments and hat is off to JamaicaonHudson.

  6. jim strom

    I’m more concerned about Delgado who claims to be pro Israel (stated by New York Post) yet makes statements like Israel is not a Jewish Democracy and Jerusalem isn’t their capital. He’s also is endorsed by J Street, which is pro-Iranian and is partly funded by Hamas. They are supported by many anti-semetic people like Keith Ellison. I’m so tired of hate mongering against Jews and J Street leads the way

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