Tom Pacheco at Empire State Railway Museum

Woodstock’s legendary songwriter/singer Tom Pacheco comes to the Empire State Railway Museum (ESRM), for his traditional two nights Labor Day Weekend concerts for Flying Cat Music at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, September 1 and again Sunday, September 2. The ESRM is located at 70 Lower High Street in Phoenicia. 

They listen to him in Japan, Ireland and Scandinavia. He has avid fans in Great Britain, Italy, and Australia. Tom Pacheco has had a strong international following for decades, and he’s been called, “One of America’s greatest songwriting treasures” by FolkWax, and a “quintessentially American songwriter” by Dirty Linen Magazine. But sometimes it seems as if relatively few Americans are familiar with Tom Pacheco’s music. Except, it seems, here in the region surrounding Tom’s home town of Woodstock, where his large and fervent fan base rightfully lauds his work. This will be the eighth year that Tom, who performs as often overseas as he does here in the states, has presented his traditional Labor Day Weekend concerts at the old Phoenicia train station and, as he often does, Brian Hollander will again join Tom on stage for both shows as his accompanist.

Pacheco’s recordings date back to the mid-sixties. The Ragamuffins, a “psychedelic folk/rock” band he had formed, released two obscure singles in 1965 on the Seville label. John Hall, who later found fame with Orleans, was a band member for a while. In 1969, 


In 1971, Clive Davis signed Tom Pacheco and his partner Sharon Alexander to Columbia after a live audition, and the duo released one album. In 1974, the Jefferson Starship included Tom’s song “All Fly Away” on their album Dragonfly, and Richie Havens included a Pacheco co-write “Indian Prayer” on his album Mixed Bag II. 

During 1976, RCA Records recorded two Pacheco solo albums in Los Angeles.

Since then he’s spent years in Woodstock, Austin, a decade in Ireland, and finally, in the late 1990s back to the hills of Woodstock, where he is home, and has written perhaps thousands of songs, a few of which will be on display at the Railway Museum. 

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and music begins at 7:30 p.m.

Admission is $18 or $15 with reservations. For information or reservations (strongly recommended), email or call 845-688-9453.