Iannucci family canoe in the water once more

Julia Iannucci and Ellie Burhans (in white) try out the canoe.

You may know Rob Iannucci as a collector of valuable antique motorcycles. Or perhaps as the owner of more PT boats than anyone else in the known universe. Or even as the owner of a considerable number of Rondout Creek waterfront properties.

But you should also know him as the mastermind behind the restoration of a historic family canoe.


He’s not shy about saying so.

The commemorative re-launching of the Iannucci family 1937 Old Town 15-foot canoe took place on July 22 at the Hudson River Maritime Museum launching dock along the Rondout Creek. On board were Ellie Burhans, daughter of museum president Bob Burhans, and Julia Iannucci, niece of waterfront visionary Robert Iannucci.

Robert purchased the boat at age 12 in 1957 for $12, paid off at a dollar a week.  His family restored it and enjoyed it for several years. Then came decades of careful storage in his late brother Frank’s garage.

Last October, the canoe was sent to Maine for meticulous restoration by Island Falls Canoe, LLC, successor to Old Town Canoe. Original vintage paddles were found, too.

Julia Iannucci recently did a one-day round-trip run to bring the historic canoe back to New York State in time for the launch.

Project completed. All smiles.