Letter: Rosendale Street Festival needs your help to keep going

(Photo by Lauren Thomas) 

We are deeply grateful to all that helped make this year’s Rosendale Street Festival so wonderful! There are too many people to name here, but we are ever thankful to the committee who volunteers all year, all the performers, the sound engineers, the security, the greeters, the people who set up and broke down, the town of Rosendale, those who were vendors, our amazing ice and recycling crew, those who bought ads and especially those who sponsored, and  especially the stage sponsors Liggan Insurance and Kimlin Propane. We are also grateful for those of you who donated at the entrance so we can pay our expenses.

We do have some hard data to share with you; unfortunately we brought in $4,000 less at the gate this year than last year. Right now we are struggling with the fact that we may not be able to pay our bills.

We are also struggling with the reality that in the future we also need more help to make the festival happen again. We need more committee members to take ownership of the following positions or next year’s festival is in jeopardy:


  • Music Committee Secretary
  • Publicity
  • Stage Manager Training and Recruitment
  • Hospitality Clean Up
  • Stage Tear Down
  • Post Fest Clean Up Crew
  • Ad and Sponsorship Sales
  • Program Editor

We will be having a meeting in November to solidify these new committee chairs; this meeting will be announced on social media and through other channels. Again if we cannot fill these positions, we will not be able to have a festival next year.

Sorry to bring you down after such a great festival but we need help, and we need people to step up and join us in the room where it happens.

Let’s Keep Rocking!

Carrie Wykoff
Street Festival co-chair


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  1. Village Taxpayers Disunion

    Grants, you need grants. Only New Paltz gets grant money. You need grant dough, and it’s all taken by you-know-who? The Village of New Paltz trustees wouldn’t last 10 seconds in Rosendale, but they get the grants.

    1. Red Auerbach

      Woodstock is no better off either, ‘kept they have taken the extra step of forming a “sorority house from Hell committee” with a bonafide town board member to head it in order to fool the house-owners who don’t rent out their places into thinking the town board and its bureaucracy is addressing the matter of lost revenue via the absent bonafide-law-on-the-books statute requiring the County of Ulster to nail these innkeepers who run sorority houses and fraternity houses off campus, bed and breakfasts, hostels, inns, lodges (no, not the Elks, though the Lord does elk those who elk themselves.) and boarding houses. One sentence, you figure it out.

  2. Seriously, for real.

    Ugh. Once again the “comments” show such ignorance of what is required and how private funds are allocated.

    First, “Village Taxpayers Disunion” apparently hates New Paltz, and that comment is irrelevant.

    Rosendale Street Festival isn’t applying for grants or “host donations” – they could, and it would need to be
    based in the “reason” behind the festival. Is it to support local community services? Is it a non-profit toursim based entity meant to bring visitors to town; is it “architecture” based?

    Right now, its a food and music festival that has been going on for years and hasn’t really offered “anything new” to the mix they present every year – thus if people attended the past 2-years…they probably won’t t have this year…so what are the new food, beer, wine, entertainment, artisan, literary, photographic, music amentities that are going to get us to attend?

    Second, if you are going to complain about it, then start researching grants for these kind of public events and start applying. Grant application takes time and if you don’t start this afternoon and go at it assertively, you won’t garner any funds to promote or host the fair for next year.

    Third, advertise. Didn’t even realize it was happening this year or when…

    I get the “grass roots” love in Rosendale and the desire to hold onto the way ‘its always been don’ but sometimes you have to re-think, re-plan, re-imagine, let go of the past, and go for it in a way that is relevant and
    interseting for the time in which you live.

    Do your homework, do your hard work, and do your best.

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