The Catskill Animal Sanctuary Shindig

The Saugerties animal sanctuary’s annual event, held Saturday, July 21, featured tours, vegan cooking demos, music, food and a chance to meet the farm animals and hear the harrowing stories of their lives before they arrived. Photos by Will Dendis


Some new baby goats just arrived a few days before the event. All new animals are quarantined for a period of time, hence the full bodysuits.


Tucker the steer. From the CAS website: “Tucker is a Guernsey steer who was purchased by a petting zoo operator shortly after his birth. A mother and daughter who became attached to him visited him frequently at the petting zoo. They were alarmed when they arrived one day and Tucker was being loaded onto a truck. The petting zoo operator told the family that Tucker was going to auction. Instead, the woman paid to save Tucker … and then realized that she had bought a cow! Tucker has been with us ever since that day in 2007. He is as gentle as an old Golden Retriever and craves human attention.”



A pig chows down on watermelon, rind and all, with obvious relish. The watermelon feeding time was advertised prominently around the Shindig and did not disappoint.