New indictments in Foster murder

Two more murder indictments were handed up by a Greene County grand jury in recent weeks regarding the death of former Woodstocker Brandyn Foster, with Greene County District Attorney Joe Stanzione talking about the ways in which previously-charged Carlos Graham, and the newly indicted Ashton Adams and Sade Knox had conspired in the local hip hop artist’s murder, then hid his death by burying his body in a crawlspace beneath their home’s main bedroom, which Foster once shared with Knox.

Stanzione credited the Woodstock Police Department and its chief Clayton Keefe for doing an excellent job in a missing persons investigation from the winter of 2017.

31-year-old Graham, who Stanzione said had no regular address before his arrest, was arraigned in late April on an eight-count indictment in Greene County Court in Catskill for the killing of Brandyn Dayne Foster of Woodstock in January, 2017. Foster, son of the jazz drummer Al Foster and Bonnie Steinberg, had grown up in several homes on Ohayo Mountain Road, was the father of a ten-year-old son, Jazzon, and had been recording in the area for several years.


Graham was charged with second degree murder; second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a class C felony; third-degree criminal possession of a weapon and third-degree grand larceny, both class D felonies; and concealment of a corpse and two counts of tampering with physical evidence, both class E felonies. Knox and Adams were originally charged with concealment of a crime, with Knox also accused of evidence tampering.

Three weeks ago, Knox, age 30 and six months pregnant, was arrested where she was living in Kingston and charged with second-degree murder and conspiracy, both felonies. She was arraigned in Greene County Court and sent to the Albany County Jail medical wing in lieu of $100,000 bail, and is being represented by assigned counsel after pleading not guilty. She had previously been out on bail paid by her parents.

Adams, age 26 of Catskill, was indicted for second-degree murder, conspiracy, hindering prosecution, grand larceny, concealment of a human corpse, and two counts of tampering with evidence, all felonies. Stanzione said he was being held in Ulster County jail and represented by the Greene County public defender’s office.

Stanzione said that Greene County Court has granted 45 days for the defendents’ motions and demands, after which “there will be some hearings and a trial.”

He added that the new indictments came after prosecutors presented new evidence to a grand jury. ++