Kingston cops tell kids fighting ‘BB gun war’ to cut it out

Kingston police are warning parents and residents on Elmendorf Street that a “BB gun war” in the neighborhood could have potentially deadly consequences.

In a statement released on Tuesday, KPD officials warned that they had responded to numerous calls of people brandishing and shooting airguns in the area, with property damage and minor injuries as a result. Cops said they believed the outbreak was the work of several juveniles in the area engaged in an ongoing BB gun “war.”

“We receive calls reporting a man/woman/kids with guns by concerned neighbors and only learn that it is a ‘BB gun’ after arriving on the scene,” The statement reads. “This has the potential to turn tragic very quickly.”


Police are calling on parents of kids engaged in the shootouts to take action now and confiscate the weapons.

“Please help us prevent this from turning into potential tragedy,” the statement reads. “We are here to protect the public, but we need your help.”