Convergence of road projects in Woodstock can be an axle-buster

“The Mill Hill Road project is coming along,” says Woodstock supervisor Bill McKenna.  “We have been cursed with the heavy rainstorms which wash out the road and cause the contractor to have to spend time regrading and retamping.”

Wednesday night contractors were to have moved a waterline, then Thursday, July 19, was to be the insertion of the final big catchbasin. All the catchbasins on the western lane have been placed. “Some folks say they have not been doing anything, but they’re out there each night. They have to dig up the holes and place these boxes in, then get the road open…” When the final piece of pipe is run, he says there will be some daytime work.

McKenna outlined the schedule. “Sunday night (July 22) they should start the march up the road laying the three foot, the 36-inch pipe, that’s three weeks worth of work to get that in. Then they will start paving. That will take three or four days. And then they’ll have painting and curb work to do, but the most painful part should be over.”


That take us to around August 12.

McKenna did mention, and you may have noticed that, in a perfect storm scenario, New York State is paving Route 212 from Saugerties almost to the Mill Hill project, and that will cause delays, with portions of that road down to one lane within the next week or so.

And he said the project that has closed Ohayo Mountain Road by Sully’s Bridge seems to be moving along, with a mid September goal for completion.

And the town is still discussing having parking extended on the downhill side of Mill Hill Road most of the way to the bridge over Ferguson’s Creek. This can be accomplished by moving the line a little and the State DOT is OK with it, if the town so desires. “We have the potential for another 15-17 parking spaces. It’s been suggested to me by a traffic engineer that the parked cars will slow the traffic down. With parked cars, the street looks the same all the way up and it connects the town a little bit. Many folks feel the town needs more parking. We’ve started the public discussion of it.”

And he commented on the effects of the project. “Every weekend the town seems to be busy, the dust has been fairly managed, but it does help tremendously that people obey the 10 mph speed limit.”++

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