P and J’s Oddities helps local residents sell high on eBay

Patrick Damore

There’s a prevailing myth of the guy who finds the fortune in his cellar that he sells on eBay — whether it be comic books, action figures from his childhood or your sister’s Barbie Dreamhouse. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. If you’re a Hudson Valley resident looking the navigate the world of online auctions and looking to get the most return on investment, you should go to the expert.

Patrick Damore of P and J’s Oddities is one such expert. The Dutchess County resident said he prides himself on the time and attention he and his team give to each client’s individual item throughout the sale process. “Listing items online can be a thankless and thoroughly time-consuming job,” he says. “Research alone takes hours, and we pride ourselves on bringing our items forward for auction knowing we are attempting to reap our consignment clients the maximum amount for the treasures they’re entrusting to me.”

It’s the difference between an auctioneer writing “Antique Salt & Pepper Shaker Set” as a title with a few pictures, and actually figuring out that they are “Antique Art Nouveau Era Salt & Pepper Shakers, German w/ hand-hammered repousse.” That could mean a lot to the final sale price.


Many clients turn to eBay resellers when they have a large volume of stuff to get rid of. Damore works to make the downsizing process enjoyable for his clients. “We genuinely want to know the history of their items, where they were acquired. I’ve had many clients express their joy at reminiscing on the past throughout this process and have seen it as less arduous.”

He prides himself on his competitive pricing and his drive to move merchandise, as well as his customer service. “We pride ourselves in being fair to our eBay buyers with the knowledge that there are some customers who purchase from you who can never, for whatever reason, be pleased,” he says.

Damore enjoys the unpredictability of the job. “Part of the fun of what I do is that I will never know what I will be consigned, although I’m certain it will be something fabulous and often exciting.” Damore says.

One benefit of consulting an experienced eBay reseller is finding out how much your stuff is worth, especially if you have anything that might be a collectible. For example, one of Damore’s clients recently sold an oil painting at a garage sale for $30, only to discover later it was worth well over $1000.

For more info on P and J’s Oddities, check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pandjoddities.

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  1. Alan

    Ive used P and J’s Oddities and they are great. Quick return on stuff that I thought wasn’t worth anything. Thanks again Pat! You’re a life saver.

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