How local police decide whether or not to pursue

Local police chiefs have been interviewed about high speed chase protocol after a fatal crash last week on Route 299 in Highland. (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

After a high-speed chase along Route 299 in Lloyd ended with the death of a New Paltz woman whose vehicle was hit head-on in a July 1 incident, locals are seeking to better understand why such pursuits occur. In short, the involved officer must factor a lot of information in a short amount of time to make that decision.

Danielle Pecoraro, 39 of New Paltz, died when her vehicle was hit head-on by a Porsche Cayenne being driven by 29-year-old Ryan Williams of Poughkeepsie. Williams was fleeing from police at a high rate of speed at the time.


It was Lloyd officers who were called about Williams’ erratic driving, and when he raced off westbound on 299, it was they who initiated a pursuit later joined by New York State Police officers as well.

Town of Lloyd’s police chief, Daniel Waage, said that while some parts of the policy — focused on tactics and specific responses — would not disclosed publicly, “I am willing to say this at this time, pursuits or attempting to stop a vehicle is always a dangerous task. Many variables must be taken into consideration. For instance, weather, road conditions, traffic, pedestrians . . . must be weighed against the danger that the vehicle that law enforcement is attempting to stop poses.

“Considerations such as severity of crimes believed to have been committed or recklessness of the operator who law enforcement is attempting to stop, and his or her actions and potential danger to the public if law enforcement does not attempt to stop, must also be taken into consideration when making such decisions. These variables may change extremely quickly and must be evaluated in real time by the officer attempting to stop the offending vehicle.”

New Paltz police chief Joseph Snyder also provided feedback. Like Waage, Snyder declined to comment on the specific incident, in this case because he’s just not familiar with the details. He quoted portions of the policy directly, starting with, “The decision to initiate pursuit must be based on the pursuing officer’s conclusion that the immediate danger to the officer and the public created by the pursuit is less than the immediate or potential danger to the public should the suspect remain at large,” echoing Waage’s description.

“Any law enforcement officer in an authorized emergency vehicle may initiate a vehicular pursuit when the suspect exhibits the intention to avoid apprehension by refusing to stop when properly directed to do so,” the New Paltz policy continues. As in Lloyd, it includes a list of factors such as road conditions and population density, as well as the “relative performance capabilities of the pursuit vehicle and the vehicle being pursued.”

Snyder noted that the policy in New Paltz, which appears quite similar to that in neighboring Lloyd, meets state accreditation standards and fits the best practices recommended by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Officers in that town take an emergency vehicle operation course every other year, which two New Paltz officers are certified to teach. In addition, policies and incidents are reviewed on an ongoing basis, Snyder said.

While Waage did not immediately respond to follow-up questions, presumably the Lloyd department has similar safeguards and training regimens in place.

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  1. Fred V

    We Do Not Endanger The Public. Police Must Shoot Dead Any Fleeing Suspect.

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      1. Alt Right NPZ

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        1. Ludwig

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          Nine one one (911) is for emergancy services.
          Nine eleven (9 -11) is in reference to September eleventh 2001!
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        2. Ludwig

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          -alt right NPZ-

          And how exactly will you be “immediately” determining people’s citizenship or immigration status in order to photograph and report them ? Will you be on main street demanding to see peoples papers? And under what authority will you be doing this
          Asking for a friend.

          1. alt right npz

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    1. FunkieGunkie

      Oh shoot first ask questions later? Let that sink in for a minute. You need help! You may have no idea why that person is fleeing. They could be scared for their lives, or having a baby, or in cardiac arrest, the list of circumstances goes on and on. Please get some training and talk to your supervisors about your need to kill people.

      1. Alt Right NPZ

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      2. alt right npz

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    2. Ludwig

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      1. Fred V.

        Sorry But once That Vechile Is Speeding It Could Kill More People Than its Current UnlikelyHijacked Victum.

        Agreed The Car Could Be Hijacked, However Most Likely Not The Case And The Clear Object Here is To Stop The Fleeing Car Giving Police Full Legal Power To Shoot This Terriost Dead Is Good idea.

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        1. Ludwig

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          1. alt right npz

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  2. Defensive Driver

    There were two 18-wheelers that collided head on, killed both drivers; one apple truck collision where the stop light is at Lowes, plus a second death at that intersection when there was no stop light and somebody ran a stop sign, one dead police dog in a two police car collision, two or three bicycle accidents, and this chased by a police car accident. Its a killer, Route 299 from the Thruway to the end of the line. Do the new rail trail plans include concrete barriers for the stretch of it?

    1. Defensive Driver

      I was reminded that two 80 year old women were pulling out onto 299 after halting at a stop-sign when they got killed by a speeding police car. Two old ladies, obeying the traffic rules, dead.

      1. Fred V.

        Mabey They Were Too Old To Be Driving. When Was Their Last Eye Test?

        we dont need or want old foggies that cant hear or see driving.

        1. 911

          The 39 year old woman, or was she 29 years old, who is the subject of this article, is dead from having been hit by a Porsche sports car driving “erratically” being chased by a Lloyd police car with a cop with one hand on his walkie-talkie and his right foot on the gas pedal pushed to the floor in a turbo-charged six cylinder pursuit vehicle. The Porsche hit head on a 7-ton ,four door, eight foot bed Chevy truck equipped with driver front and side air bags (see the photo in the other newspaper on the front page). A woman in her prime who had done nobody wrong was a victim of circumstances. Your “blaming the victim” philosophy should fall on you.

  3. Firannion

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    1. alt right npz

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