No name change planned for Lloyd in the near future

Downtown Highland (photo by Lauren Thomas)

The idea of changing the name of Lloyd to Highland-on-Hudson was suggested at a recent public meeting, but local officials say no action has been taken toward that end.

Supervisor Paul Hansut said if the town did decide to change its name, the change would require approval from the state legislature.

Council member Joseph Mazzetti thinks the costs associated with changing the name should be understood before any action is considered. While Hansut noted that “Lloyd” is largely restricted to town uniforms, vehicles and signage, there would likely be costs for those in the private sector to update letterheads and other information. However, Hansut pointed out that mail is delivered by zip code, regardless of what town name is referenced in the address.


The most recent town name change approved in New York saw Altamont become Tupper Lake, aligning with the name of the village within its borders. Mazzetti suggested contacting someone in Tupper Lake to see if there are any records or recollections from that 2004 change which might be helpful.

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  1. Casey Jones

    This was the most interesting thing that happened in Lloyd since the caboose disappeared!

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