Dems go with Delgado for Congress in NY-19

Antonio Delgado (photo by Will Dendis)

With 99 percent of election districts reporting, Antonio Delgado of Rhinebeck has a substantial lead over Gareth Rhodes of Kerhonkson in the seven-way race for the Democratic nomination in the 19th Congressional District.

Unofficial returns show Delgado with 7,690 votes (22 percent) to 6,242 for Rhodes (18 percent) in the 11-county district. The Associated Press has called the race and Rhodes has conceded.

“Tonight, we have taken the first step toward restoring dignity and integrity to our representation in New York 19,” said Delgado in a statement. “The people have spoken loudly and clearly: more than ideology, more than identity, more than class or background, we can all stand tall behind the unifying principles that our country was founded upon. Freedom, justice, equality and opportunity for all.” Delgado added that he looks forward to “taking on John Faso and restoring accountability to our representation.”


The winner will face first-term Republican incumbent John Faso of Kinderhook in the Nov. 6 general election. Faso wasted no time in responding to the results, previewing what will be, as with the last two races in this district, a frequent attack regarding his likely opponent’s residency. (Delgado moved to Rhinebeck from New Jersey in early 2017.)


Delgado finished in first or second in all 11 counties (and parts of counties) that comprise NY-19, with the exception of Delaware County, where he finished third.

District 19 (Wikipedia)

In Ulster County, with all 79 districts reporting Delgado held a 150-vote lead over David Clegg of Woodstock. Pat Ryan of Gardiner was a close third with 2,386 Ulster votes. Rhodes tallied 1,864 votes in Ulster, 253 votes behind Jeff Beals of Woodstock.

Brian Flynn of Greene County finished fifth with 4,608 votes — tied with Beals — and was the first to concede, about an hour after polls closed. Erin Collier of Cooperstown, who entered the race in March and was the only woman in the contest, had 1,700 votes.

Delgado carried the Dutchess County portion of the district by 400 votes.

Collier of Cooperstown, the only woman in the race, ran last in almost every county, except Otsego where she beat Clegg and Rhodes. Flynn carried Otsego with almost 37 percent among its 10,603 registered Democrats.

Turnout was above average, with about 25 percent of the district’s 141,000 “active” Democrats casting ballots. Normal turnout for primaries is in the 15 percent range.

The vote totals from New York State Board of Elections.

Board of election officials estimate some 4,000 absentee ballots remain to be counted. Those ballots received by boards of election by the close of business hours on Tuesday will be opened and counted on July 3.

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  1. Dean K.

    Mr. Faso — your tweet is nothing but bizarre, your ‘keep the outsiders out’ dog whistle will fall on deaf ears
    because if YOU are considered the best of the best as “a local insder” then you have failed miserably to
    represent ANYONE in this district.

    You hide, in silence, cowardly ignoring the racism, hate-speech, bullying, and denial of basic human rights for Americans that Don so joyously abuses. Shame on you.

    Beyond that, you might not understand this, simple folk like you often fail to do so, but PEOPLE MOVE HERE ALL OF THE TIME, AND NEW RESIDENTS ARE RESIDENTS, TOO!!! That’s right, setting up businesses, voting, paying taxes, buying homes and becoming a part of OUR COMMUNITY (not YOURS)…we share in this.

    And if you care to coin someone as “an outsider” I step up in front of you, shake their hand, and say welcome to the neighborhood. Looking forward to NEW BLOOD, NEW THINKING because the “old boy network” around here is just that – old, outdated, ineffective, and in your case – cowardly.

    Here’s to NEW and out with the old.

    1. Lisa T

      Agreed and BRAVO Dean K. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve lived full time in NY19 for almost 30 years. Faso talks as though he supports the needs NY19 constituents, telling us what he thinks we want to hear. Then he votes the other way. Faso is a corporate funded, former lobbyist… or maybe not former? He’s bought and paid for. I’ve met Antonio on several occasions. I’ve heard him in debates and forums. I like his stands on the issues. He’s smart, he’s decent, he listens and he gets it. He works really hard and he is a great debater. I will work really hard, too — to get Mr. Delgado elected. Time for a change.

  2. Chris

    Antonio Delgado can and will defeat Faso in November! After election night Antonio will be able to say of Faso what Wellington said of Napoleon after the Battle of Waterloo. “They came on in the same old way and we stopped them in the same old way!” So go ahead Mr Faso and call Antonio a carpetbagger!

  3. Bruice E. Woych

    “Faso’s Fiefdom” is a Corporate ‘shill game’ domain : But study his twitter to counter his strategies and tactics in public relations and the political market he exploits.

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