Saugerties Times letters (6/21-28)

Thank you all

On June 2, the Saugerties Lions Club held its Annual Golf Tournament at the Rip Van Winkle Golf Club in Palenville.  All proceeds from the tournament and raffle are used to fund the Joseph Bosco Memorial Lions Club Scholarship. Annually, a $4000 scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior from the Saugerties High School. With the help of the Saugerties Community and in particular the individuals and businesses who provided donations, we were able to meet our $4000 goal.

In the tournament the team of Bob Sinnott, Paul Sinnott, Mike Abate and Tiber Tomsaw finished in the top spot.  

The Saugerties Lions Club wants to give special thanks to John & Sarah Smith as well as their staff. 


A special Thank You also goes out to these major contributors: Old Republic Title, Glasco Abstract, Helsmoortel Insurance & Realty, The Reis Group, Saugerties Bowlers Club, Sawyers Motors, Sawyer Chevrolet — Catskill, Ulster County Corrections Officers, U. C. Sheriff Employees Association, The Exchange Hotel, Adams Fairacre Farms, John Mullens & Sons, Saugerties Elks Club, Saugerties Kiwanis Club, Sinnott Insurance, Sinnott Plumbing, Frank Guido Restaurants, Simulaid, State Telephone, J & J Tree Works,  Larry Marcus, Peak Trading Corp., Destinations of New York, Maynard, O’Connor and Catalinoto, Megan’s Unisex Salon, Inquiring Minds, Bernie & Jan o’Hare, Regis Obijisji.

The Lions would again like to thank all the other 75 businesses and individuals as well as all the players who made this effort a success which is a great example of the Saugerties Spirit.

Thank you all!

Bob Kraft, Tournament Chairman

Clegg’s credentials

On June 26 from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Democrats can vote for one of the seven Congressional candidates.  These seven candidates will divide the votes so that none of them will probably receive a majority. There is no runoff election in New York. Whichever candidate receives the most votes is the winner and our candidate; that total may well be in the 20% range. It is likely that none of them can claim to be the favorite son or daughter. However, an overwhelming turnout of Democrats will serve as a loud collective message that we want an alternative to Republican domination. Please be a part of that turnout for whomever you vote.

I have written to you repeatedly to express my support for Dave Clegg. I believe he has the best chance of beating John Faso. In recent years Dave has attended Yale Divinity School where he received a Masters degree. He was then ordained as a Deacon in the United Methodist Church. This role has put him in touch with the Methodist religious community throughout the Congressional District. Dave  has lived his values and his faith. He should  be acceptable to progressive voters (check his web site) as well as persons of a more centrist bent.

Dave has not been a political person. In fact, he was non-enrolled for a number of years until he re-enrolled in the Democratic Party in May 2017 in anticipation of this run for Congress. His low profile political status and high profile as a social good doer will make him very appealing to voters across the political spectrum. The left can feel comfortable supporting Dave, but so can the non-enrolled and many Republicans who will see him, unlike Trump or Faso, as a decent religious person, non-corrupt, and committed to doing the right things to make this a better World for all of us.

Whether you vote for Dave, or not, please Vote. Help the Democrats announce they mean business.

Lanny Walter

Turn out for Clegg

In a year when congressional representatives are so crucial, we are lucky to have several impressive Democratic candidates. But in a slate of so many, it is important to get behind the most qualified candidate, choosing a clear winner who can defeat Faso. I believe Dave Clegg is that person and hope that those still trying to decide give him their support.

Clegg has a history of working for social issues that impact CD19 and can speak to the broadest range of voters. His decades-long track record demonstrates his commitment to core community values: UC Human Rights Commission, Habitat for Humanity, Caring Hands Soup Kitchen, Family of Woodstock, working with teens, access to family planning and pro-bono legal services, teaching prison inmates.

Clegg hasn’t spent his years grooming to be a politician; rather, he is a true man of the people. He won’t be vulnerable to attacks on his character or record. He can make our district one that stands for environmental responsibility, support of small and family farms, universal health care, responsible taxing and spending, and resources for the aging and those in need of assistance.

I know that historically primary voting has a low turnout, but if we want democracy to work, it is everyone’s job to show up on Tues, June 26 and make our voices heard. I hope you will join me in giving Dave Clegg a chance to go to Washington and make this a district we can be proud of.

Nikki Goldbeck

Compassionate Clegg

We have an important Primary Election next Tuesday. Democrats are choosing a candidate to unseat John Faso and we believe Dave Clegg, a smart and compassionate advocate, is the man to take this challenge. We have a wealth of good candidates, but we choose Dave because of his long history working on behalf of social issues that matter to us. And because we believe he can speak to the broadest range of voters. He can debate with the best (and maintains a sense of humor!) He is centered and compassionate, a progressive with a Masters in Divinity. He will not be vulnerable to Republican attacks on his character. No other candidate has his decades-long record standing for core community values: UC  Human Rights Commission, Habitat for Humanity, Caring Hands Soup Kitchen, Family of Woodstock, working with teens, supporting access to family planning and pro-bono legal services, and teaching college level ethics.

We got a fundraising letter from John Faso last week that left no doubt the RNC will defend this seat with money and hyperbole.

Haven’t we had enough of this divisive governance? Let’s restore our district to one that stands for environmental responsibility, access to health care, responsible taxing and spending, and resources for those of us falling behind.

Let’s send Dave Clegg out to win over compassionate conservatives, liberals and progressives to beat John Faso.

Susan and Dick Goldman

Gareth Rhodes understands democracy

In the weeks leading up to the primary for New York’s District 19, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several “Meet the Candidates” events. Deciding between seven very good candidates has been a challenge. My main concern has been to answer the question: which candidate can take on John Faso and defeat him in the fall?  It won’t be an easy election; Faso won by eight points in 2016 and there are plenty of voting Republicans in New York’s 19th . Therefore, it is imperative to support the candidate who can best reach out to Republicans, bridge knee jerk partisan responses and win their votes in November.  Gareth Rhodes is that candidate.

Gareth Rhodes has met with and listened to Democrats and Republicans alike while visiting all 163 towns and cities in District 19. He’s won the respect of people on both sides of the aisle as well as endorsements from a number of local unions. If elected, he has promised to continue to visit each town and city annually, a stark contrast to the notorious “No Show Faso.” Gareth Rhodes listens to people’s concerns; when asked questions, he gives thoughtful and direct answers instead of pivoting to prepared talking points. Unlike so many of the millionaires currently in Congress, Gareth has worked his way through college doing hard, physical work on farms and digging wells. He understands what it feels like to end the day with aching muscles and a sore back.

But Gareth has also worked in New York’s government, gaining valuable insight and experience; he knows what can work and what won’t. Among many projects he worked on, he helped ban fracking in New York and knows how to get things done without sacrificing his integrity. Clean air and clean water are critically important and Gareth knows that first hand.

Gareth Rhodes will not sell out his constituents to lobbyists, will not keep himself at arm’s length from the people he will represent, will not ignore someone whose party affiliation is different from his own. Gareth understands that democracy works when everyone has a voice and when the common good is more important than divisive ideology.

I have listened to all the candidates with an open mind, but I truly believe Gareth Rhodes is the only candidate who can and will beat John Faso. Take a look at his web site at and see for yourself.

Deidre J. Byrne

Rhodes for Congress

We have a fine line of distinguished candidates for the Democratic NY19 Congressional primary on June 26 and I, for one, will actively support any candidate chosen to run against John Faso in November. I hope all voters will do the same in the November election as this may indeed be the most important vote we cast in our lifetimes.


Let’s face it; the Democratic candidates are very similar on all the issues with only slight nuances or focus. This makes it difficult to discern the best choice based on the issues alone. I believe the difference may come down to electability, candidate history and personal integrity. You can be sure the Faso team is ready to attack each and every one of these candidates. So it’s important to look deeply into the personal and business histories of our choices and select a candidate with an impeccable record.

One candidate stands out for his history as well as his intelligence, honesty, age and diligence. These important qualities will be needed to win this election in sharp contrast to the reptilian Faso. Gareth Rhodes has demonstrated an unbounded energy in travelling to all 163 towns in the NY19. He has reached out to local leaders and voters not simply to express his views but also to listen to theirs. We need leaders willing to listen to our concerns. That alone distinguishes him not only from the other candidates but clearly from the absent Faso.

Raised in Esopus, Gareth was granted a full ride scholarship at City College after graduation from Kingston HS. He interned in the Obama White House and has worked as a press aid for the governor. Gareth has taken his final semester off from Harvard law to run for this seat. Gareth ‘s record clearly demonstrates not only his belief in public service but his belief in the ability of the government to do good.

I proudly support Gareth Rhodes as does the New York Times in it’s recent endorsement as the “ best candidate to take on — and beat — Mr. Faso in November.” I urge you to please consider Gareth Rhodes as your candidate for the NY19. Let’s win back this seat in November!

Jim Sofranko
West Shokan

The shaming of America

Why are we separating children from their parents? Does this represent family values?

Even were this the unintended consequence of a policy about border crossings, as soon as it resulted in children being torn from their parents arms and held in a warehouses or a tent city, it should have been stopped. Immediately.

Does this administration have any values? Do they not have children and can they not imagine the horror of having them forcibly taken from them? Can’t they imagine the lasting harm done to these innocent children?

Is this making America great again? No, it is shaming us.

Kathy Gordon

I’m for Delgado

I am giving my total support to Antonio Delgado to be the Democratic Party’s candidate to run for the office of U.S. Representative from the 19th District.

Antonio has traveled up and down District 19 this past year listening and discussing the issues that I think are of the upmost importance to the people of our District.

I know he has the intelligence, talent and energy to deal with the many problems our area has whether they are economic, environmental, education or civic. And I think he has the best chance to win over the Incumbent, John Faso.

Mark Smith

Rhodes can beat Faso

In a recent editorial endorsement, The New York Times endorsed Congressional candidate Gareth Rhodes as being the best candidate within the field of seven Democrats who are vying to beat Congressman John Faso in the 2018 election for the seat representing New York State’s District 19 in the U.S. House of Representatives. Gareth Rhodes is actually the only candidate with direct government experience, as he worked his way up towards becoming the traveling press secretary in the New York State Attorney General’s Office! 

Gareth Rhodes has a mind like a sponge, and he is a policy wonk and not an ideologue! We have far too many ideologues in politics and Government…When you listen to Gareth Rhodes answer a question, he gives the most detailed answers out of the seven candidates, and his answers often connect associative issues to the issue that was originally discussed. 

If elected next Tuesday, Gareth Rhodes represents the Democratic Party’s best chance to beat Congressman John Faso, because Gareth Rhodes would garner the most split-ticket votes and total votes outside of the Democratic Party! This is a fact and undeniable! Mr. Rhodes is the only candidate to personally campaign in every town, city and village within District 19, and he has presented his ideas in a way that does not alienate voters outside of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party has to stop shooting itself in the foot and become more supportive of candidates like Gareth Rhodes in districts than lean slightly to the Right. Congressional District 19 has never been represented by a Democrat! District 19 is not District 22 which Maurice Hinchey represented for 20 years! The geography of District 19 only encompasses about 35% of District 22 which Congressman Hinchey held from 1993-2013. All seven candidates are very likeable, highly intelligent and worthy of being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, but on Tuesday, June 26, I will be voting for Gareth Rhodes, and I would urge you to vote for Gareth too! Mr. Rhodes gives us as Democrats the best chance of beating John Faso!

Chris Allen

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    I’m writing again about the excessively loud announcer at the Stallion games. We live about 5 blocks away from the field, and find the volume extreme. There must be other folks who live within the village that feel the same way. If you agree, call our elected officials and let them know. We need to have the noise ordinance enforced.

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