Latest version of New Paltz “CVS Project” drops the drugstore

Residents who have watched several years of New Paltz Town Planning Board meetings regarding the property bordered by North Putt Corners Road, Route 299 and the Thruway may well have determined that the unfolding drama was a fight to either open a CVS drugstore in town, or block that move. For those of that mindset, that chapter appears closed; a new proposal for the property has been revealed, and it doesn’t include a drugstore at all.

It was during that project’s early review that a moratorium was proposed, during which new zoning for this gateway to New Paltz could be written. While the drugstore may have ignited passions, Town Supervisor Neil Bettez believes that the primary driver in that process was the fact that the Empire State Trail will be passing through this intersection, which according to him is deemed the worst intersection in the county. For those who agree with the supervisor, continued rigorous review may well be called for at this time.

The new proposal retains a Five Guys Burgers and Fries location, but instead of one or two other buildings, it has four more: two sites for restaurants, a Mavis Tire location and an urgent care facility. It would still entail bringing in considerable fill to level the lot and removing quite a number of trees.


According to Trans-Hudson attorney Charles Bazydlo, the new idea is based on listening to feedback from community members to shape a project which would satisfy their concerns yet remain profitable.

This lot, and a handful more north of it, were severely curtailed by the construction of the Thruway, which resulted in very narrow lots with limited development potential. The deep depression right by Route 299 resulted from material being removed for Thruway construction.

During an unusual joint town-village meeting last Thursday, town planning board members joined elected officials in looking at the proposal in small groups. Those in attendance watched them discussing issues for nigh unto an hour, but had no clear sense of the content until it was concluded. It was more a meeting in public than a public meeting, in a sense.

What emerged were some areas of agreement by those involved. More specifics were requested: elevations, whether there would be a request to hook up to village sewer and water, whether multistory buildings are being contemplated as suggested in the new gateway zoning proposal. Save more trees, developers were told, and make a site layout that would feel safe for a pedestrian. In addition, there was widespread agreement that the proposal should include potential for a greater number of higher-paying jobs.

Those comments will be forwarded to the developer, who is expected to finalize the proposal based on what zoning is passed. Bettez said that he recognized how closely this site was being watched by locals and promised transparency as this discussions continue.

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  1. Sheriff of the Wetlands

    You have 30 days within which to sue the town if the town-planning board approves the wetlands decimation. Every map of New Paltz shows the headwaters of Tributary 13 at this site, from the filled in medical center to the stop lights along Route 299. Even the state’s DEC is on wetlands! The only site not on wetlands is the Terwilliger Cemetery on South Putt. That’s why the graveyard is there, its the only high ground for miles. Thirty days, put up or shut up.

    1. Your Local Assessor

      Town of New Paltz tax bills say both these properties are “Wetlands”. One is 1.7 acres valued at $1,224 and the second parcel is 1.40 acres valued at $984. Total taxes $60 annual. Owned by CIK in Bolton, N.J. How can five village elected officials, five town elected officials, one elected town tax collector, seven town planning board members, five village planning board members, three engineers and two lawyers all show up without having done their research to engage the public access television audience and those in attendance? Again?

      1. Your Local Assessor's Assistant

        According to the Assessor Manual, #14, “Wetland” describes land which has been designated and identified by the Department of Environmental conservfastion as being under restrictions and protected as wetland. This code is to be used only if the land is positively identified and positive certification is available and verified.( Do not used this for swampland.) State of New York Law

        If you require Federal definitions, they are available from the U.S. EPA Region 2 Wetlands Protection (212) 637-3783 which states “there is a lot going on in wetlands. You’ll see birds, ducks, turtles, fish, muskrats, beavers and a whole host of other animals here. Many of these species you won’t find anywhere else because their homes need to be wet. And wetlands provide the water.”

        Woodland Ponds is built in the wetlands, Victorian Square is built in the wetlands, Mulberry Square is built in the wetlands. Since this proposed project is in the town, not the village , then they have to figure out how to sell NYC water outside the village in violation of the water contract between the village and the town.

  2. Lola Cavanaugh King

    Meanwhile, the NIMBYs choose to ignore the health and convenience of local voting and taxpaying residents.
    News flash for you morons: Some of us actually have to use CVS for our health needs, prescriptions and more because out health insurance sends us to CVS.

    So, while you selfishly vomit out vitriol about “development” I’ll just keep having to take an hour and half out of my day every week or so and drive to Kingston to get my meds.

    Thanks! You open-minded, love your neighbor, support your community folks are forcing me and many others to burn gas, sit in the car longer and send us out of town to get our basic healthcare needs.

    You can’t ‘just switch’ to where you get your prescriptions filled.
    And, you’ve just introduced a more dense development I hope it gets built and every one of your beloved trees is bulldozed – because this is bull-sh@t.

    Shame on you!

    1. D.W. Hewitt

      |||||||You can’t ‘just switch’ to where you get your prescriptions filled.

      um yes you can it takes two seconds

    2. Anna Graham

      Newts, inchworms, moles, bats and yellow jackets is what “NIMBY” stands for, not what you said.

  3. Tony R.

    CVS and other stores shouldget approval. Mabey even a Walmart will come some day. New Paltz has no shopping.
    Who wants to drive to Kingston for Walmart, Newburgh is even further. New Paltz needs Walmart and Target.
    Finally Hotels are getting built. Often we return to the City and dont stay overnight as we cant get hotel room in New Paltz, so we drive home to city and dont stay over. You people need more hotels and shopping upstate.

    1. FunkieGunkie

      New Paltz does not need a Walmart or Target. There are lots of places to shop if you know where to go. Amazon has reduced the need for these types of businesses. As far as hotels go, make a reservation. If the Town is booked then it’s booked. Go somewhere else that’s not so crowded and spend your money there. With all the Air BnB’s I find getting lodging quite easy. Hotels are for the Grizwalds!

      1. Dunk The Gunks

        We always shop at Wal Mart in Kingston for everything-food, clothes, prescriptions, cd’s, motor oil, you name it. New Paltz is so overpriced its worth it to spend for the gas alone. And, you don’t run into the local business owners who rip off the rest of us. Look at the Board of Assessment review members, landlords and landladies who’s assessments go down as their rents increase. One of the perks of being a Town employee, which they are. You’ll catch on.

  4. Tony R

    New Paltz needs: Walmart Super Center, Tareget, KFC, Arbys, 5 Guys, Pizza Hut and much much more Courtyard Marriott, ect…

    New Paltz started with 1 stone house 300 years ago.

    Society moves forward, we dont move back to the 1800’s

    More traffic is good it means more roads, more roads mean more jobs…

    Jobs are good not bad.

    its okay to work

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